How to Tie Dye Shoes – Step-by-Step Guide

How to Tie Dye Shoes

Plain white shoes can be boring. If you want to give your shoe a touch of fun to showcase your personality, tie-dying is the way to go. So, how do you make tie-dye shoes? The process of tie-dyeing your shoes is very simple. You may even have some of the products needed in your home. …


How to Get Grass Stains Out of Shoes – The Ultimate Guide

Get Grass Stains Out of Shoes

Grass stains on your shoes can make you look unkempt and untidy. They may even draw unnecessary attention to you and make you feel self-conscious. While it may seem like the end of a good pair of shoes, don’t lose hope just yet. You can get rid of grass stains on your shoes with some …


A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Hydro Drip Shoes

Do you want to know how to hydro dip shoes? It is a process that requires some patience and time, but the outcome is worth it. Hydro dipping your shoes can give them an entirely new look with just a few hours of work. If you want to change up your favorite pair or add …


How to Prevent Toe Holes in Shoes – Ultimate Guide

The toe box of your shoe is the weakest part, and it’s more prone to normal wear and tear. As your feet slide around, your toe can repeatedly impact the front of your shoes making them wear faster. Shoes are meant to protect your feet; however, a toe hole will allow dirt and other particles …


How to Dry Shoes in Dryer – 7 Tips from a Pro

No matter how hard you try, your shoes will get dirty at some point. No one wants to wear dirty shoes; however, washing and drying shoes can take a long time. So, how can you wash your shoes and shorten their drying time? One option is to toss them in the dryer, but this may …


How to Clean Timberlands – 5 Tips from a Professional

How to Clean Timberlands

Timberland boots were originally created to be sturdy work boots. However, they have become a popular everyday boot and a fashion staple. Whether you’re wearing them for work or as a fashion statement you need to keep your Timberland boots clean in order to lengthen their life and make them look great. So, if you’re …


How to Clean the Bottom of Shoes & Make Them Look Like New

There will come a time when you buy a pair of shoes that catch your eye in the store, but after coming home and wearing them you realize that you don’t like them. The first thing that crosses your mind is to return them to the store and get a refund. However, that can be …


How to Remove Shoe Polish from Shoes in 5 Simple Steps

Polish is one of the best ways to keep your leather shoes and boots looking their best. Of course, it only looks good if it’s done correctly. Well-polished leather shoes look good and boost your confidence when they’re on your feet. However, applying the wrong color polish, such as black polish on brown shoes, can …