Top 7 Best Ankle Support Basketball Shoes in 2020

Best Ankle Support Basketball Shoes

Those who play basketball either on a professional level or a beginner level know very well that it requires immense physique, stamina, and most of all an efficient footwork. So, there are chances of your ankle getting sprained while you are playing the game. An efficient solution in this regard is to get the best …


Top 7 Best Running Shoes for Achilles Tendonitis in 2020

best running shoes for achilles tendonitis

Achilles Tendonitis is a severe medical problem common in athletes who’ve been running on the ground for an hour or two. The pain can be felt in the heel and above heel area which is not a good feeling at all. So, in this case, the only solution you’ve got is to consider getting the …


How to Repair Scratched Leather Shoes

How to repair scratched leather shoes

Nothing else can be daunting than dumping your favorite pair of leather shoes just because they have got scratches on them. It might be surprising for you to know that several solutions can help you How to repair scratched leather shoes? Following given are some of the essential techniques to help you: How to Repair …


How To Make Your Shoe Smaller

shrink shoes

There are some of the primary ways that can help make your shoe smaller to fit in your feet. Following mentioned are the tips: Half Insoles: This technique can be used to make any shoes more modest than their original size. Generally used for sizing summer sandals, pumps, and flat shoes. Half insoles are also …


How to Stretch Shoes Longer

How to stretch shoes longer

Did you also end up with your favorite pair of shoes after a tiring search of several shops only to find that the pair you bought was a little too tight on your feet? If yes, then you are in a dilemma faced by many teenagers and adults today. So now, should you go all …


How To Make Shoes More Comfortable For Standing

How to make shoes more comfortable for standing

Many people may have jobs that require you to stand for the most part of the day. If you work in a retail shop, for example, you may need to spend several hours standing for attending and greeting customers. In such a case you need comfortable shoes to prevent cuts, blisters, or worse, ankle injury. …


How Much Can You Stretch Leather Boots

How much can you stretch leather boots

Shoemakers and salespeople can help you find the right shoe for your foot because they have a good know-how of how tight or lose the shoe is and how much it may stretch. In short, they can decide which size will be ideal for your foot. While they can help you choose the right one, …


How to Stretch Rubber Boots

How to stretch rubber boots

New boots can sometimes be a little tight if they aren’t the right size. While most people prefer changing the boots to the right size almost immediately, what should you do if your size isn’t available? There is nothing to worry about! Boot stretching is not impossible, so put your worries aside! Sometimes, boot stretching …


How to Remove Dry Paint from Shoes

How to remove dry paint from shoes

Most of us have faced situations where we find paint stains on our shoes. Whether there are toddlers around or you? re a painter, paint stains can’t be avoided. Whether you? re getting your house painted or working on an art project, getting paint on your shoes is very common. If you’ve ever got paint …


Top 7 Best Shoes For Standing All Day With Bad Knees

Best shoes for standing all day with bad knees

Knee injuries now have become quite common, and people have knee conditions need to take extra care of themselves and their knees, especially when ‘sit’s about selecting the right kind of footwear for them. Other than the specific types of exercises, the correct type of shoes can also be very helpful for people facing knee …