Top 10 Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes

This might be an okay task to hunt for the best outdoor basketball shoes with overlooking almost (all) the things, but here, the word ‘outdoor’ is deliberately put and included here.

For the outdoor basketball shoes, we understand it has a few primary aspects to always adhere to, and the first is the build. You cannot just go around overlooking this essential factor, not to consider it as it is the onliest area that would have you to deal with the rough surface.

Playing basketball outdoors means you have no privilege of the standard basketball court to keep running around, and the surface would probably be made of cement or concrete; so, what turns out to be really into the heat is the shoe outsole.

Rugged and rough surface, the better the outsole means, the better it absorbs the impact, and the less you feel the roughness from the ground. And the excellent traction should mean to provide you with fewer chances of fraying the edges or else you are going to lose the shoe too soon.

So, there is much more going to happen to basketball shoes outdoors than indoors, and carefully picking the shoes for outdoor basketball requires you to invest in the right. Capable shoes to give you the best playing experience while keeping you comfortable and worry-free all the time.

For that, we did our proper research to bring you ONLY the 10 best outdoor basketball shoes for not losing your winning streak even in outdoors.

Do not skimp on the quality because we would not allow you to do that!

Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes — Updated Pick of 2020

1) Under Armour Men’s Sc 3zer0 lii

Under Armour Men's SC 3ZER0 III Basketball Shoe, Black (001)/Mod Gray, 11

And here, we start with our first hunt for the best outdoor basketball shoes for you to take out and win the outdoor basketball matches when wearing this Under Armour Men’s Sc 3zer0 lii.

Comes into the size of 8 (U.S.), this more straightforward-looking basketball shoe is not made of the pure material to match with the claim of a winning machine. Crafted with all synthetic material with the consideration of keeping the shoe lightweight as you would not feel any weight attached to your feet.

Rubber sole (the softened one) attached to the herringbone traction pattern ensures it does not lose it when making the hard turns on the hard surfaces which you would generally face with outdoor basketball.

The midsole stuffed with Micro-G foam takes away all the impact that would cause at the time of landings on the hard surface and even give you the excellent takeoff ability to hit the ball for winning a point included with the midfoot shank which never let the shot rolling out of the feet and would not allow you to re-adjust its placement every often.

Crafted with the high-grade synthetic leather upper with the meshed holes deliver you enough breathability to keep the feet all dried and to avoid building the sweat, which you know only turns out to be stinking bad.

Enjoy the excessive amount of cushioning around the ankle collar to feel comfortable and to have everything remain stable.

  • Synthetic made to keep it super-lightweight
  • Fits for size 8
  • Micro-G foam for enhanced cushioning
  • A bit expensive in the price

2) Adidas Men’s Dame 5

adidas Men's Dame 5 Basketball Shoe, Collegiate Purple/Collegiate Royal/White, 10 M US

Can you believe you can skip picking anything from Adidas when it comes to the footwear (and especially the shoes)? Well, and we believe the list of the shoes is incomplete without the inclusion of Adidas, or maybe the person does not know the real worth of Adidas when compiling the list.

Yeah, it would feel impossible not to pick Adidas along. And seriously, we do not want to be called off like the person who does not know the real worth of footwear, and exclusively when it comes to the need to buy it for sports (basketball in our case!)

This high-end and sleek sized-11 (U.S.) Adidas Men’s Dame 5 would never hurt you. Never let you regret why you picked it.

Made with all synthetic and mix of soft suede upper, and that is the only way possible to have the lightweight design, isn’t it?

And the bouncing midsole delivers you the high power to take off and land with all the comfortability that is possible to skip feeling the impact building throughout the legs? loaded with the herringbone outsole to enjoy the great tractions while running all around the hard surface.

Comes with the lace closure and good comfortable collar, which let you keep the shoe wrapped around your feet, and tightening the lace to your required level, increases the effectiveness.

  • Good for 11-sized feet
  • Renowned brand, and trustable basketball shoe
  • Bouncing midsole for comfortable wearing the shoe
  • A little narrow at wearing

3) LI-NING Sonic VII

LI-NING CJ McCollum Sonic ? Men Professional Basketball Shoes Light Foam Breathable Lining Sport Shoes Sneakers Blue ABAP019 US 13

Not always the branded shoes are meant to provide you an excellent playing experience, and there should be the slightest chance to try out the unpopular brands every often. And if you are up for the task, here we present to you this marvelous and high-end basketball shoe for outdoor from LI-NING Sonic VII.

From the outside, it looks to be a good pair of shoes that can bring you good playing time on the outdoor basketball court. It comes into the size of 10, and that ensures a person with a standard feet size of 10 can happily wear it out without facing a single bit of problem.

Made of the textile, the cattle split leather and included a TPU with meshed design keeps it not only lightweight but breathable for not feeling the dry feet.

The outsole made of the rubber-bonded EVA which would downsize the shredding of the shoe from the bottom area while transforming it to act as the non-slippery to last for long.

Added with the outstanding cushioning, it got the CLOUD-formed cushioning technology that makes it more comfortable than most basketball shoes with giving you an immense feeling of a softened and lightweight shoe with taking you all the way running up and down the court despite all the hardness and stiffness the surface got.

  • Made with textile and leather
  • EVA rubber outsole
  • Suitable for 10 size feet
  • TPU support on the sides
  • A bit on the expensive side

4) Nike Men’s Kyrie Flytrap II

Nike Men's Basketball Shoes, Wolf Grey/Black/Dark Grey/White, 10


Shoe brands are abundant when it comes to the sports that we cannot skip listing, and skipping Nike for once is going to be a lousy move that we cannot afford to make.

So, it seems like no sane person would ever leave behind Nike and especially when they got this Nike Men’s Kyrie Flytrap II lying in the front.

Made exclusively with the textile material, this shoe keeps you gliding all around the court despite being indoor or outdoor with no feeling of any kind of weight attached to your feet, and it would perceive you are playing basketball with all bare feet.

A high-quality collar with the tongue ensures your feet stay comfortable during the playtime so that every bit of the focus is placed upon the win rather than stuck at the shoes bringing you uneasiness and discomfort after a while.

A sports shoe is considered to be incomplete without the lace because that helps to keep the shoe tightened to the level it would not slip out of the feet. Coupled with the fabric lining and the cushioned footbed brings you to increase only the comfort that you expect.

The outsole purely made with the rubber doubles the comfort at the time of flying and landing on the ground as the outsole helps to absorb all the impacts they caused.

  • Trustable shoe for effectively playing the basketball
  • Fabric lining around the upper
  • Best fits with bigger 14-sized feet
  • Stiff sole

5) Elaphurus

Elaphurus Kid's Basketball Shoes Boys Sneakers Girls Outdoor Trainers Durable Sport Shoes(Little Kid/Big Kid) White/Black

This kid-centric basketball shoe comes right from Elaphurus, the unpopular basketball shoe brand that requires our attention and trust to test out its quality to perform well in the basketball court, and especially the outdoor one.

Designed exclusively for the big kids with feet size of 6.5 (U.S.) for them to comfortably wear to run down the court for playing as the defendant or the attacker, and this shoe would not mind supporting you to achieve the all-rounder title in the team.

The breathable design supported by the premium-classed textile along with all synthetic upper which delivers outstanding comfortability as well as the style that you would not have seen elsewhere along with enough amount of breathability to keep your feet dry even after playing basketball in any time of the day and any season of the year.

Rubber-based outsole performs superbly with giving immense traction and durability without sacrificing the premium quality of cushioning as the outsole is believed to be made of softened rubber that takes on the impact with added comfort.

Ergonomic shaft with the support of a collar would never let the shoe slip out of your feet even though how hard you move around the court and the embedded flexes in vertical and horizontal format would give you to move into any direction you want, and that too without much effort.

  • Great to be fitting with big kids
  • Rubber-made outsole
  • Ergonomic shaft
  • Can be used out of the court as well
  • Have to buy the insoles separately

6) PUMA Men’s Clyde Core

Puma Clyde Mid Core Foil

This exclusive presentation from PUMA makes it enter and secure a place in our list of top best outdoor basketball shoes that you can blindly trust on the quality. The name speaks itself, and this one, as well as it is named Puma Men’s Clyde Core, which works just great to be called the great piece of sneakers ready to outperform the seasoned basketball players who are even versed in playing outdoors.

It comes in at the size of 11 (U.S.), this got the robust leather outsole for enjoying the exceptional level of traction with an anti-slip technology that does not let you lose track and friction and minimizes the chance of wearing out.

Made for comfort and style, this Puma Men’s Clyde Core is stuffed with the premium leather upper and with firm and strengthening stitches to withstand the weather’s beatings for years to come. And the cushioned tongue and the collar area would add to prove this claim to keep up and using even for the years without a single bit of degradation.

All-made rubber outsole that makes up to withstand the kind of impacts that usually arise during the landings as well as it supports the takeoffs to gain the maximum leaps required at the time of scoring the point.

Comfortability and durability are what make people love Puma’s brand, and that is the reason it is dominating the footwear industry for decades.

  • Suitable for 11 size!
  • Made with premium-quality leather
  • Rubber outsole
  • Quite lightweight
  • Somewhat narrower despite of the size

7) WETIKE for Big Kids

Basketball Culture Shoes for Boys Air-cushion Non-slip Boys Shoes Comfortable Kids Basketball Shoes Breathable Girls High Top Casual Fashion Sneakers Running Durable Shoes for Girls Size 3 Blue

And this size 6 (U.S.) is ready to serve the big kid to play the active basketball for hours as it comes with the exclusive design that has no match available that comes in the direct content of this WETIKE basketball shoe!

Wrapped with the non-slipping outsole made of quality foam does not slip as well as converse the bottom from wearing out and saving you the good bucks to spend on the replacement in every other month.

Fits with girls and boys, this basketball shoe from WETIKE is stuffed with the smoothened leather-based upper, and the quarter panels molded in the shape ensures enough breathability and support with achieving the proper comfortable levels that are required to take place into the basketball game with full focus.

And the leather-made midfoot comes with the overlays to receive the stabilized position, and the sole is not tuning and forcing your feet to stay in a secure place and avoiding building up the pressures on the sides.

The substantially formed shaft that takes out from the mid-top to up to the arch provides the excellent ergonomics to utilize the shoe to achieve the full performance out of it. And the natural grooves deliver greater and swift control and the grip on the floor to take along any direction you want without slipping.

Lace-based shoe and that is good enough to tighten the laces to the level you want as the loose shoes can quickly pop out of your feet at the time of making the hard moves and turns.

  • Great fitting for the kids with 6 feet’s size
  • Enough taller shaft to support the ankle not slipping out
  • Leather-based upper
  • Solid rubber outsole for wear-resistance experience
  • Somewhat slippery on the even surfaces


WETIKE Kid's Basketball Shoes High-Top Sneakers Outdoor Trainers Durable Sport Shoes(Little Kid/Big Kid) (3M US Little Kid, Armor Black)


Another kids outdoor basketball shoe, and we get it again from the newer, not-so-famous brand that owns the excellent response received by its customer base so far.

The inclusion of rubber on the outsole keeps the shoe to claim it is non-slippery at every stage proudly and well-cushioned to bear the impacts ultimately it receives despite the player’s weight and the surface level.

Integrated with the smooth leather-based upper makes it for the kids to enjoy wearing it all day long playing the basketball as well as can be used for their purpose because of its style and the look that people would hardly believe it is just designed for the basketball game.

The big-sized upper and being well-cushioned ensures you can bend your feet in the forward direction without hurting your entire ankle and keeping it all supported at times of hard running and turning around the court.

The wider toe box gives the large room to sit in your toe to breathe and spread around for making the stable and more robust base to push for taking the flight to reach the basketball basket for scoring a point.

Made with the PU leather to perform as the water-resistant that ensures this particular shoe is not going to get out of order and would leave you to see your kids growing and becoming excellent basketball players readying them to meet their brightest future which awaits them joining their desired profession; basketball.

  • Upper area stuffed with extra foam
  • Non-slippery
  • And We with the PU leather
  • Water-resistant design
  • Less traction on the floor

9) Adidas Men’s Hoops 2.0

adidas Men's VS Hoops Mid 2.0, Core Black/White/Scarlet, 12 M US

The name of the trust, Adidas, does not sacrifice the quality and the same we can expect from Adidas Men’s Hoops 2.0 to get it listed into best outdoor basketball shoes that we are compiling just for you guys.

Comes in the size of 9, the outclass production of this shoe through 100 percent of synthetics and the mixture of textile to turn to be fitting for the claim of long-lasting and non-degrading performance that you can expect out of this heavy-duty basketball shoe.

And the synthetic sole does not let it hop out of the court as it comes with a wear-resistant traction pattern which works much effectively on the outdoor as well as indoor basketball courts to do just one thing; win the game!

Imagine if all the team is wearing the same Adidas Men’s Hoops 2.0, the result is much clear than we can expect right now.

An enormous shaft taking down from arch to middle of the top would never let the feet be taken out of the shoe accidentally as it is the regular exercise with many other shoes found in the market.

Laced-base entry and the collar made of meshed format delivers the higher strength to tighten up for outclass performance while allowing the air to come down from the front side, which would only help the upper part of the feet cooled down/freshened.

  • Fits well on 9-sized feet
  • Synthetic sole to absorb the impact
  • Mesh collar
  • Made with synthetics and textile
  • Creates noises

10) Adidas Men’s Streetfire

adidas Men's Streetfire Basketball Shoe, Onix/Onix/Black, 12 M US

And here comes our last pick from the list of 10 best outdoor basketball shoes that are going to be quite a fit for the folks having a feet size of 10.5 inches.

Got made purely with the combination of synthetic and textile, which keeps this Adidas Men’s Streetfire basketball shoe as lightweight as you can imagine.

Imported and the rubber sole with the Adiwear technology is too good and ready to meet with the surface (soft or hard, no matter) while keeping it to enjoy the maximum wear-resistance that doubles its lifetime to survive for years and the outsole would still be left after the extensive usage.

It measured the shaft from 4.25 inches from the arch to well above the mid-top that keeps your ankle jacked into the shoe with no chance of slipping out.

Stuffs the middle with the cloud foam to add in the immensely comfortable cushioning, which would never get your feet turned exhausted even after hours of game time.

Got knitted textile uppers that add to the durability and the style that would make the people to question if it would work for basketball.

So, never question the quality by looking at the book from its cover until and unless you do not try it out. 🙂

  • Fits good at 10.5-sized feet
  • Inserted with cloudfoam
  • Great quality outsole
  • Cloth-based upper that may invite the stains and stay visible


Conclusion of Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes

For playing outdoor basketball, all it matters to have your shoes hold an excellent quality of sole because that is the first of the area that meets and remains in contact with the floor.

So, a rubber sole is a perfect solution to last the game for hours without wearing out the tread.

The sole is the one that catches the impact, and the rubber ones would let them last a little longer than any other materials used to craft the outsole.

And coupled with the elements that complete the shoes, we all got them covered with picking the right 10 best outdoor basketball shoes for you!

Have them and enjoy playing basketball on rough surfaces! 🙂


If you found this article helpful, give us your feedback below in the comment box.

Good Luck

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