Top 10 Best Basketball Shoes For Wide Feet

If your motive is to find the best basketball shoes for wide feet (and of course, you do) because you are here for the same reason, then you are landed on the right place to find yourself with the right basketball shoes for the people/athletes/sportsmen having the broader feet. You can always have basketball shoes that are bigger in the form of length and height, but having to find the thicker shoes, is indeed a challenging task.

As you already know, not every person comes with the right side of the body, and all the body parts cannot be the same in size. So how come the feet can match the same? For the folks with small shoe sizes and they might be having wide feet, how come that is going to work to find the right and wide shoes in the small size?

Yeah, that is the task. And that is what we have happily admitted to take on and do with our proper and extensive research to find the wider basketball shoes for the wide feet.

Our list of top 10 and best basketball shoes for wide feet would not let you wander around the market (online or offline) to help you to do one thing; play the basketball game with all of the comfortability.

Best Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet — Updated pick from 2020!


1) Nike Men’s Kyrie Flytrap

Nike Men's Kyrie Flytrap II Basketball Shoe Black/Metallic Gold/Anthracite Size 12 M US

And this commences our list of hunting the best basketball shoes for wide feet as it comes in the 13 (US-based) size feet that are relatively higher along with somewhat wider feet, which cannot get fitted with most of the shoes to play the best basketball game.

This meshed-designed and brilliant cushioning backed by the Nike Zoom Air’s technology provide you with the powerful energy that you would feel after wearing this most magnificent build of Nike Men’s Kyrie Flytrap.

The band just above the forefoot gives the more excellent locking and support not to feel any gap between your feet and the shoes that would make you think you have nothing wearing on the feet because of its softened and lightweight build.

The rubber-based outsole, which wraps around the inner part of the shoes and wrapping along with the sides for enhanced and increased traction to gain your desired speed in no time and helps you perform the best maneuvering along the way.

Protected and safer to use, this Nike Men’s Kyrie Flytrap comes with the padded collar just over your ankle, providing extra level of support to not ever perceive the displacement.

All in all, this soft and durable basketball shoe from Nike is indeed the best of the creator to exclusively play the pro-level of basketball games.

  • Fits with large feet having the right width
  • All meshed!
  • Placed with curved rubber on the outsole
  • Flexible forefoot
  • A little expensive but best at work!


2) Adidas Original Kid’s Pro Spark

adidas Unisex-Kid's Pro Spark 2018 Basketball Shoe, Black/White/Grey, 4 M US Big Kid

Something so fitting you are after for your kids to wear and play the outclass basketball, that does not let this Addidas Original Kid’s Pro Spark go wasted.

Manufactured with the textile upper along with the synthetic overlays to achieve all the reinforced stitching to keep the shoes bear the pressure and the heat that develops around the whole sides of the shoe. And with the rough usage still, the stitches would not turn loose as well as break by the time.

Labeled to be an imported shoe, this Adidas Original is going to be the best shoe for the big kids from the age of 8 to 12 years with the rubber-based outer sole of the excellent grip and softness that you can feel with the taking along every step.

It comes with the OrthoLite Sockliner and the midsole filled with the cloud-formed foam when stepping in the feet that provide the extra level of comfort and cushioning to run down and perform best at the basketball court taking all the toll with jumping and pressing every inch of the shoe without tearing anything.

Eyelets webbing placed internally with the laces closures makes it easier- to tighten up the whole strings of laces which would not lose even with operating the way your kids want.

Comfortable shaft height that is measured right from the mid-top and up to the arch for providing the comfortability to the greater extent which ensures it would not slip out from the toe when running and taking hard moves, so get your whole feet covered with its regular fit module which turns out to be called as the wholly comfortable and best at the fitment all the time.

  • An exclusive shoe for kids from Adidas from age 8 to 12 years
  • Size 7, and suitable for big kids
  • Lace-base closure
  • Bigger shaft
  • Cloud-foam middle sole for extra comfortability
  • Turns nasty too easily


3) Beita Sneakers

Beita High Upper Basketball Shoes Sneakers Men Breathable Sports Shoes Anti Slip, Blue, 10

More prominent and broader with the increased comfortability that you so demand from owning one of the remarkable and stylish basketball shoes to take your gaming level to the higher folds of success. Indeed wearing the right and fitted shoes can increase the trust to hit and dodge the ball actively.

So for the same, here we come with Beita, the ultimate basketball shoe manufacturer who does not produce but craft the right and best-at-work shoes added with all the softness and cushions to feel relaxed.

As it comes with the rubber sole, the jumps and landing are always not hard felt where the impacts are pressed and managed evenly, whereas your body weight is all absorbed thoroughly and gets you to maintain good contact with the ground.

The textile-based upper designed with breathable with the molded heel shield brings you the great structure where it lets you lock the foot and keep in the right place with taking extra cushion to protect your ankle from getting injured through better support and placement.

It is loaded with anti-slip material that also ensures the longevity and durability that you can easily sense when playing the basketball game for the first time.

The top area with the venting holes keeps the direct airflow coming in for the more exceptional breathability and precipitation of sweat being done effectively to keep the feet always dried, fresh, non-stinking, and comfortable when playing basketball for good long hours.

Combined with PU leather to keep it as softened as Beita could to feel lightweight along with anti-skid design and the breathable wrapping wins the folks’ attention to invest once and use for years.

The size 12 and colored in blue, Beita has this stylish basketball shoe readied just for you!

  • Comes in the size of 12
  • Anti-slip and hard PU leather
  • Venting holes on the upper for breathability
  • Somewhat heavier in the weight


4) Adidas Men’s OwnTheGame

adidas Men's OwnTheGame Basketball Shoe, White/Black/White, 13 M US

Got enough wider feet and that too with the size 10, which makes it the most challenging and most stringent task to get the wider shoes for playing basketball because this size 10 is hard to find right from the market.

And when you do, you got the chance to pick one from the brands that you have never heard their names for once in your entire lifetime.

If that is what you find yourself stuck in the situation, worry no more because we have the virtual solution for you!

Who does not know the name of Adidas? And hence, we can blindly trust in its name because it is the recognized and world-renowned sportswear brand.

They are crafted with a rubber sole for managing and maintaining the weight and the impacts that it receives at the times of playing and rushing all around the basketball court.

The right shaft size to keep your toe intact as it goes to about 6 to 12 inches right from the arch level that will never let your feet slip out from the back

Best for wider fit with middle cut ensures the folks with wider feet can enjoy a whole lot of comfortability and feel safer wearing this Adidas Men’s Ownthegame shoe with the lace-tightening closure to get the best level of fitment with tightening it to your preferred position.

It is stitched with the textile lining with keeping the excellent heel pull for getting and keeping the right-sided turn when running and landing from the jumps that would help to keep your feet in the right condition as much as possible.

  • Made with 100 percent fiber
  • Bigger and comfortable shaft
  • Durable outsole with textile lining
  • A little hard at use


5) Under Armour Kids’ Jet

Under Armour Kids' Pre School Jet 2019 Basketball Shoe, Black (001)/Black, 7

All synthetic but sturdy and robust material was used to craft this whole lot of kids’ ready basketball shoes from Under Armour.

And, planted with a rubber sole to give you the extensive comfortability and softness that you can hardly find with other such basketball shoes in the size of 7 for the bigger kids with even the wider shoe.

Textile-based and the mesh-designed upper combines for them breathable as well as provide the extra support for playing the game without any issues you might not be having with owning one of the best basketball shoes for wide feet, the Under Armour.

With the molded heel construction that is exclusively crafted for the increased efficiency to increase the space for ventilation to keep supplying you with the fresh air and not causing your feet to stink.

Right rear shaft going through the mid-top and from the arch to make sure it does not let the toe slip.

And it is being wrapped around the outer toe and with TPU film to keep the shoe protected against getting in contact with pebbles and hits on the edges of walls as well as if mistakenly pressed down and it would not lose its grip which enables its durability to live for years to come.

  • Best for the kids having 7 sizes of feet
  • 100 percent formed with synthetic
  • Molded heel
  • Wrapped with TPU film at toe cap
  • Not as comfortable


6) Under Armour Women’s Jet

Under Armour Women's Jet 2019 Basketball Shoe, mod Gray (101)/White, 7.5

Yet again, we feel privileged to list up the basketball shoes for the wider feet, but this time, it goes for the women’s turn.

The pure rubber sole with the durable TPU overlay receives all the damages and abrasion to keep the shoes all in shape for as much duration as long as you carefully use it.

With the higher shaft dimension that goes from the mid-top to from arch, which keeps it not getting out of toa’s area even, you use it during the rough gaming as well as the walk around looking to gain control of the basketball.

And the molded leather with the textile upper seems to be coming with more exceptional support and breathability, which helps to keep the feet all dried and non-sticking, which is considered to be a thing that turns down the person.

Heel counter with the locked-in support as well as bootie-kinda of construction keeps the fitting to keep your feet secured and comfortable while you try your best to hit a score!

EVA sock liner in die-cut form comes up with greater underfoot cushioning and support as it is indeed required for the shoe to work great even under stress usage. No matter how hard you move and run all around the basketball court, the shoe would not displace even for an inch.

So, a bigger size of 12 has this wider shoe available for the women right from Under Armour, the exclusive brand which manufactures no less than a quality basketball shoe for your everyday gaming!

  • Readied for 12-size feet!
  • TPU overlay and rubber sole
  • Greater hell counter
  • Die-cut sock liner of EVA form
  • Comfortable for the women basketball players
  • Slightly expensive shoe


7) Nike Men’s Kyrie Flytrap II

Nike Men's Kyrie Flytrap II Basketball Shoe Black/Metallic Gold/Anthracite Size 12 M US

Under the shoe industry, everyone knows Nike has a significant share all around the globe. And for the Sportage shoes, the folks do prefer to own the Nike because it is the sole manufacturer of sportswear (and has superiority over the competitions) that we can trust!

So goes for the same, Nike Men’s Kyrie Flytrap II in the size of 14 and color into the combination of white and metallic gold-black is suitable to fit over the wider feet to play basketball with all the convenience.

Meshed designed along with the lace-based entry lets the shoe fit over the feet tightly as well as keep it breathable to make the feet kept dried and not produce the sweat around the feet and the smell which you know you cannot withstand when the shoe is taken down.

Embedded the logo on the collar with the sustained and hard-formed stitching helps to put up the whole shoe intact.

The textured-formed heel counter does not let the shoe to skid or slip from the basketball court ensures you are not going to fall off/trip when making the long run to score a point!

The zoom air cushion and its curved outsole deliver a high traction level for the moves that seem impossible to make. Make your feet entered into the shoe and experience the softened and comfortable footbed that is always relaxing.

Cushioned collar with the tongue provides an increased level of comfort and withstands the presses to comfortably hit the score with bending the shoe to the last stage!

  • Lace closure
  • Fits with 14-size feet
  • Synthetic-based sole
  • Placed the logo on collar
  • Softer fabric on the footbed
  • Bit expensive


8) Under Armour Men’s Spawn Low

Under Armour Men's Spawn Low Basketball Shoe, Black (002)/White, 11 M US

The bigger feet have a higher possibility of having the feet going extensively wider in width, and finding the right and fitting shoe is always the hurdle!

Formed with the synthetic and textile material, the combination of both believes to be shaping the shoe that is lightweight and resistant-free, where you can expect to have it using and wearing for long and always giving your best performance on the basketball court.

Rubber-based sole with the Micro-G foam placed on the midsole delivers the extensive cushioning that you can even feel on the landings and taking off, and it would absorb all the impacts without hurting your ankle and toe.

TPU films embedded over the interwoven layers and the PU coated mesh with the multi-layers bring increased support in the design and the exposed meshed areas formed to provide you with the plan for exclusive breathability, which does not let the sweat build.

And then the padding around the tongue and the collar areas for additional comfort to play the basketball for hours as the sock liner in die-cut EVA placed inward for adding the proper cushioning and the support for underfoot that would help to keep feet feeling soft and remain soft all the time.

The increased shaft that is measured from the lower-top to up to the arch will not let your feet sleep from backward.

  • PU coated mesh
  • Micro-G foam on the middle-sole
  • Combined with textile and synthetic materials
  • May feel stiff on the initial wears


9) Skechers Performance Men’s Go Torch

Skechers Performance Men's Go Basketball Torch Basketball Shoe,Charcoal/Blue,10 M US

Not all of the basketball shoes can be an excellent fit for your feet when it does not look healthy. And we mean by the feet with the extra width that not every shoe would fit.

With Skechers Performance Men’s Go Torch shoe, though, you might not have heard of its name before, but it is going to be a good fit for your wider feet to conveniently and comfortably play basketball for hours without getting exhausted.

Comes into 100 percent synthetic form is the recognized way to keep the shoe lightweight, and a composed court-ready gripping rubber sole makes it stay with you for the years to come and always wear and feel the comfort that is never getting diminished over time.

Breathable mesh brings the perfect cooling comfort that would never let the sweat to produce and keep the feet stay fresh around the clock.

A great rebound cushion is added into the inner area of the shoe, which delivers you the experience of added comfortability that you so require when wearing the shoe and do not feel exhausted for the time being.

Designed with the correct arch that brings more exceptional support and the increased shock absorption that you can hardly get to experience with any other basketball shoes.

For the bigger feet with the extra width, get this comfortable basketball shoe from Skechers Performance, and thank us later! 🙂

  • 100 synthetic
  • Proper fitting for 12-size feet
  • Breathable mesh
  • Rubber outsole
  • May hurt the folks with arthritis


10) Nike Men’s Air Visi Pro Vi

Nike Mens Air Visi Pro Vi Nbk Black/Anthracite Ankle-High Nubuck Basketball Shoe - 10M

We tried our best to skip Nike, but we could not because that is an impossible task to collect the best basketball shoes for wide feet as Nike is the ultimate and renowned brand that produces trustable shoes.

This Nike Men’s Air Visi Pro Vi is no less than the perfect match for our wide feet. Composed with all in the rubber form, this shoe goes way beyond the expectation to own one of the best shoes in the whole wide world.

It is produced with balanced synthetic leather and the collar to provide you with the immense comfort to play the game just like a pro!

The exclusive Tri-Vis air sole used to craft the heel used for providing the perfect protection when you land from taking a long jump (of course and right after hitting the score) where you would not feel the impact getting transferred to your joints and ankles.

And the phylon-based middle sole keeps the lightweight cushion to cover your feet with giving the comfortability to feel and remain intact with no chance of displacing the shoe even for an inch.

Colored in black and going to be a good fit for the folks with size-9 of feet, this Nike Men’s Air Visi Pro Vi to take your basketball gaming to the next level!

  • All rubber made!
  • Air sole from Tri-Vis technology
  • Suitable for size 9 and fitting on wider feet
  • May feel hard when wearing for the first time


Conclusion of Best Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet

You are good for now, right? Of course, you should be, and just because you are presented with the outstanding, quality-rich, and comfortable best basketball shoes for wide feet.

And we extensively did our research to find and list up to 10 best of them to have the folks with wider feet to play basketball just like a pro comfortably!

So, are you ready to own one? Yes, you are! So, have ONE and thank us later! 🙂

If you found this article helpful, give us your feedback below in the comment box.

Good Luck

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