Best Hiking Boots For Wide Feet Women’s

Brilliant hiking boots for people with wide feet will help them explore harsh terrain. They are supportive around the ankles, have adjustable laces, and don’t cause blisters.

Adventuring through stunning natural environments is so much fun and shouldn’t be tainted by foot pain!

There are so many quality hiking boots for women with wide feet on the market, suiting a range of activities. But, how do you separate the fantastic footwear from the fakes?

Buying the wrong hiking footwear harms your feet. And, it can even mean the difference between breaking your ankle and not!

So, to save you from becoming stranded on a mountain, we’ve formed a list of the best hiking boots for women with wide feet. We’ve also included a convenient buyer’s guide and FAQ section to help you in the future. So, read on for more info!

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Best Hiking Boots For Wide Feet Women’s Reviews

Columbia Women’s Newton Ridge Plus Hiking Boot

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If you’re looking for entirely versatile hiking boots, the Columbia Women’s Newton Ridge Plus shoes are ideal. These are fully adjustable, with a lace-up closure that creates a secure fit, keeping your feet snug.

In addition, these boots are brilliant for those with wider feet as they have excellent arch support.

Columbia has a reputation amongst outdoor enthusiasts for producing high-quality, affordable gear, and these boots are no exception!

The shoes use an Omni-grip traction system, which holds up against water, mud, rain, snow, desert, and dust. So, no matter where you are adventuring, these boots have got you covered.

In addition, they’re breathable, using advanced technology in their durable midsole.

This gives the wearer lasting cushioning and comfort. It also means that you’ll experience a high energy return if you wear these boots, making the journey smoother.

The quality traction rubber sole prevents you from slipping on uneven ground, whether that’s on wet stones, gravelly soil, or sandy rocks. And they’re not just functional; they look super stylish too, letting you climb while maintaining your appearance.

If you want walking boots for wintery weather, these are snug, that can fit thick socks in, too!

So your feet will stay warm and cozy in cold weather while safely gripping on snow and ice. This means you truly can conquer even the harshest conditions with these on your feet.

Personal Experience of the Product

We tested these and love how they grip the rough ground. They held up when we tried walking on steep terrain with loose rocks, even keeping us upright when gravel tumbled by.

The snug fit makes them comfortable for women with wide feet without feeling suffocating.

The breathable fabric meant that we didn’t feel like our feet were uncomfortable so that our toes didn’t feel encased by plastic.

The waterproof aspect proved helpful during an unexpected rain shower, and the shoes repelled the droplets easily. We highly recommend this product if you want a great all-around shoe and have a modest budget.


Omni-grip traction rubber sole – Allowing you to safely hike over challenging terrain, including ice, wet rocks, and loose gravel.
Lace-up closure – Letting you easily adjust the boots to suit your feet. This closure also makes the shoes easy to get on and off.
Waterproof – Helping keep your feet nice and dry, protecting you from frostbite, rainstorms, and snow.
Advanced technology durable midsoles – Provides cushioning and a super comfortable hiking experience. These midsoles have a high-energy return so that you don’t hurt yourself on uneven ground.
Stylish design – Meaning you can feel confident that your feet don’t look frumpy. The designers haven’t compromised style for functionality.


May need to size up – Depending on how wide your feet are, you may need to buy a size up to ensure they’re comfortable. However, many customers with wide feet have reported that the boots work well in their usual size, too.

Merrell Women’s Moab 2 Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot

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If you’re not on a budget and are looking for tough yet comfortable boots, the Merrell Women’s Moab 2 Mid Waterproof Hiking boots are perfect.

They use 100% suede leather and mesh to provide the wearer with comfort for hundreds of miles.

Merrell has put a removable insole with air cushioning, which adds stability and absorbs shock.

In addition, this insole has a molded nylon arch support built-in, which provides extra support for those with wide feet and achilles tendonitis.

And the boots are equally high quality on the exterior, with a protective rubber toe cap. This will stop you from stubbing your toe if you accidentally step on a jagged rock.

The sole is very thick and durable, with an excellent grip that will support you while trekking on snow and ice, keeping you dry and warm all the while.

There’s also the Merrell Select DRY feature, which allows water to escape your boots so you can maintain a dry feeling when you’re exploring.

This means your feet will be hugged by breathable fabric that stops your feet from feeling stuffy.

The boots have a slight heel and shank, offering extra grip on slippery surfaces.

In addition, the shoes are waterproof, so you won’t get soggy feet when trekking. This extra layer of water-repellency will support you in hiking through high and freezing temperatures.

Experienced customers report no “adjustment” period to break them in, as they were comfortable from the first time they laced them up. They also say that it’s good to wear wool socks with boots.

Personal Experience of the Product

We tested these hiking boots for women with wide feet and found they’re super resilient in all terrains.

In addition, we found that wearing wool socks with the shoes will help the wearers’ feet. We used both thin and thick ones for the different temperatures.

These boots are supportive for those with weak ankles. We advise sizing up if you need to, as it’s likely that this will be the difference your wide feet will need.

In addition, the shoes provide a lot of traction for slick surfaces.


A removable insole with air cushioning – Giving you the comfort you need to smoothly go over even the roughest terrain. This also supports those with foot issues while allowing their feet to breathe.
Merrell Select DRY feature – Providing your feet with breathable support, which takes away the moisture from inside. This keeps you dry even when you’re doing a lot of exercise in them.
Rubber sole and toe cap – Protecting you from stubbing your toes on jagged surfaces. This rubber sole is durable enough with traction, so you can travel over uneven surfaces without slipping over.
Waterproof – Allowing you to comfortably adventure in all weather conditions, including rain, snow, and sleet, leaving your feet nice and dry.
100% suede leather – Providing you with quality boots that will last for miles. Merrell has created shoes worth the money because the materials will hold up.


On the expensive side – These boots aren’t for those on a budget because they are pricey. However, the quality makes them well worth the money, if you can afford them.

Ariat Women’s Terrain Leather Outdoor Hiking Boots

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The Ariat Women’s Terrain Leather Outdoor Hiking Boots are brilliant for women with wide feet, whether they’re on their feet all day or going for a stroll.

Experienced customers have reported wearing these boots while walking around during a retail shift.

Or, if you want to go on a long adventure, these are made from high-quality 100% leather, made for the outdoors.

There’s a duratread sole that keeps you safe and secure on slippery surfaces, making them the ideal companion while you’re trekking.

This makes them suitable for walking on ice-crusted trails, paths covered with two feet of fresh snow, and rocky ledges.

The waterproofing keeps you dry even when walking through creeks or trudging through muddy paddocks.

In addition, the boots’ full-grain leather is oiled, protecting you from moisture outside, even when rain is pouring down.

The versatile boots are made with excellent craftsmanship, ensuring they last a long time.

This means that if you don’t want to go on massive outdoor adventures, you can happily walk the dog or visit your horses in them. These boots are therefore great for anyone from hunters to hikers to riders.

And the quality carries on inside, too! The boots have advanced shock absorption in the lightweight EVA midsole, which cushions your feet as you travel.

In addition, customers report that the arch support provides them with a comfortable fit, which is life-changing.

Personal Experience of the Product

We tested these boots and found that they are super strong quality, likely to last years even if you wear them a lot! The EVA midsole makes walking a comfortable experience even over rugged terrain, loose rocks, and icy trails.

In addition, we love how waterproof they are, as the oiled-up leather kept our feet super dry, which was a relief in torrential rain.


Lightweight EVA midsole – Providing you with a cushioned trekking experience without having you feel like you’re carrying two rocks on your feet.
Waterproof oiled leather – Giving you dry feet even in torrential rain, so you can power through all weather without experiencing squelching toes.
Duratread sole – Allowing you to stay safe when you’re on slippery ground so that your feet grip well.
100% leather – Meaning it’s made with high-quality materials that will stand the test of time. These shoes are ideal for doing anything from walking the dog to working standing up during a retail shift to hiking over mountains.
Comfortable – Providing you with supported feet no matter where you are in the world.


Bulky – They’re slightly hard to travel with as they will take up a lot of space in the carry-on luggage. To save packing space, you could always wear them on the plane or travel elsewhere in them.

ANJOUFEMME Women’s Hiking Snow Winter Boots

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These are a perfect option for those searching for boots that fit wide feet and can be comfortably worn all day.

In addition, the shoes have excellent arch support, keeping those feet snug and not wobbling around when you’re walking over rough terrain. Ideal for exploring new places!

ANJOUFEMME has given the boots thermoplastic elastomers soles, which means they are non-slip.

This allows you to trek over icy trails or wet ground without hurting yourself by falling over.

In addition, these soles will hold up against sharp rocks, not breaking and making your soles vulnerable to water or getting cut.

The water-resistant fabric lets you stroll around in the muck and rain in them, protecting your toes from feeling soggy.

In addition, this waterproof element allows you to walk through slush and puddles comfortably, so if you want to embrace your inner splashing toddler, you can.

On the inside, the lining is soft and not too warm, which will give you the snug fit you’re looking for.

In addition, there’s excellent arch support, bringing you the cushioning that you need, whether you have weak ankles or not.

Experienced customers report that they wear these shoes for 10-12 hours a day and remain comfortable throughout that time.

These people say that the boots are not too warm and speak very highly of the style. These boots are not just functional. They have a sleek silhouette that would suit being worn on the high street and on a muddy footpath.

Personal Experience of the Product

We tested these boots and found that the tread was a winning factor on these shoes.

If you want a non-slip, stylish, and warm pair of boots, these won’t let you down. The sole and insole combined brought us the stable footing we’d been looking for.

The price is super reasonable, without being too expensive. So, we liked that the manufacturers have made these accessible for those on a budget.

Thermoplastic elastomers sole – Giving you reliable grip even while trekking through icy footpaths, muddy paddocks, and deep puddles.
Water-resistant – Keeping your feet super dry no matter the horrible weather. You can jump in muddy puddles to your heart’s content in these boots!
Soft lining – Allowing your feet to easily slip into these wide-fitting shoes. Your toes will be cozy in these boots.
Arch support – Providing you with support when you’re adventuring, whether that’s in the wilderness or going shopping.
High quality – Giving you the confidence to go over rough terrain without worrying about your hiking boots falling apart.


Bit expensive – Not suitable for those on a modest budget, as they are at a medium price for hiking boots in this market.

Buyer’s Guide

Why hiking boots should match the wide feet…

It’s vital to get wide-fit boots if you have wide feet because the extra room inside will make a huge difference.

Without having the dimensions that suit your wider feet, you will experience painful rubbing and blisters. No one wants their outdoor adventure to end in tears!

In addition, the arch support in wide-fit hiking boots is made for those with wider feet.

This ensures that no long-term damage is caused by wearing thinner shoes with less arch support.

Finally, wider toe caps give you the space that prevents your toe joints from being rubbed by cramped conditions.

Loose Or Snug Fits

When shopping for wide-fitting hiking boots, it’s advisable to choose whether you prefer your shoes loose or snug. If you’re trekking across harsh terrain, it’s best to get snugly fitting boots.

This is because your feet need to have the most stable footing they can get, and looser shoes could make you fall over.

If you wear your hiking boots casually, then looser-fitting shoes will be okay.

These will give your toes a little more room to stretch, so you can walk and stand comfortably on pretty flat ground. It’s easy to adjust most boots by loosening the laces if you find your shoes are too tight.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Hiking Shoes Are Best For Wide Feet?

The brand, Merrell, creates boots that suit those with wide feet. Also, Merrell boots are brilliant for those on a budget. Most are waterproof, have well-gripping treads, and adjustable lace-ups.

In addition, Keens produce boots with wide toe boxes that suit hikers with wide feet because it gives these walkers’ toes room to stretch.

However, you must shop around and consider your individual needs when you’re searching for hiking boots.

For instance, if you want a sturdy pair of shoes for an indoor job where you’re standing up all day, you won’t need as much waterproofing as someone buying shoes to trek across mountain ranges!

Look at the features of several shoes you like, compare them across brands, and go from there.

Should I Buy Wide Hiking Boots?

If you’ve had problems in the past with trying on non-wide shoes and getting blisters or rubbed feet, try wide hiking boots. The wider fit is highly likely to help you out by giving your feet the room to stretch they need when you’re moving.

However, what happens when you find hiking boots that you love but don’t come in a wide fit?

Well, many experts recommend trying the shoes a size up as this can often provide the extra space your feet require.

In addition, it’s brilliant if the boots come in a half-size up too, as this can be enough to create a roomy feeling without the boots appearing like flippers.