A Roundup of the Best Shoes for Walking on Concrete

It’s hard to be comfortable at work standing for long hours on solid floors. There are bills to pay, and our bosses don’t pay us to sit on the clock. While it might be fun to go to work in flip-flops, there are rules to follow about formal work attire and safety precautions.

On the other hand, walking might be your main means of transportation or part of your regular exercise routine. Walking long miles on foot with an unforgiving pair of shoes sounds like a pain, not to mention its effect on the lower back, lower limb, and foot health. So, what’s the solution?

It’s time to invest in a pair of reliable shoes that can help ease the aches and pains of standing and walking for hours on concrete. Below are some shoes we think are the best for your needs. From the best women’s shoes for walking on concrete to the best dress shoes, we’ve got you covered for any situation.

The Top 9 Shoes

Best Overall Shoes: Gel-Tech Walker Neo 4 by Asics

Gel Tech Walker Neo 4 by Asics

We believe that Walker Neo 4 with GEL-Techs by Asics could be the best shoes for walking on concrete all day. They’ve ironed out all the minor bugs that needed to be fixed from its predecessors – and it’s looking pretty good!

The Neo 4.0 has an improved Biomorphic fit and mesh to eliminate moisture. It employs a sturdy DuoMax support system on the medial end of the midsole to stabilize and give support. It also uses a lighter material than your usual EVA, and it gives better shock absorption. The outer sole is very durable ensuring you keep your grip on any surface.

Best Shoes in Budget: 608v5 Walking Shoes by New Balance

608v5 Walking Shoes by New Balance

If you’re looking for the best shoes for walking on concrete all day with excellent style, a sound cushion system, and a reasonable price, you’re looking for the 608v5 Walking Shoes by New Balance. These shoes give you support with their double-layered cushioning and flexible polyurethane insole. For the midsole, it uses EVA material, with its upper layer using leather.

They offer the 608v5 in various sizes and widths, so it’s suitable for all sizes. With a reliable high-cushion system and flex grooves on its outsole, this pair of shoes will allow you to sustain fitness walking or long work hours on your feet.

Best Men’s Shoes: Afterburn Memory Fit by Skechers

Afterburn Memory Fit by Skechers

Men can consider the Afterburn Lace-Up Sneakers by Skechers as their go-to shoe for work on concrete floors. From the outstanding traction to its memory foam, this choice is a no-brainer as one of the men’s best shoes for walking on concrete all day.

The insole of the shoe is always the main concern for comfort and support. This ankle-supportive sneaker prizes its memory foam-padded insole that allows the shoe to mold slightly to your foot shape. This attribute also allows for better shock absorption. The mesh design gives breathability and keeps moisture away.

Best Women’s Shoes: ProGrid Integrity ST2 by Saucony

ProGrid Integrity ST2 by Saucony

The best women’s shoes for walking on concrete must effortlessly blend style and good support, and we believe that the ProGrid Integrity by Saucony does it well.

Coming in white, cream, and black, this smart-looking walking shoe has the trademark PROGRID cushioning system Saucony offers. It uses materials like leather for its upper part and rubber for its sole. Its padded collar and tongue also add to the comfort.

Best Style: Landon Pro and Kiara Pro by Vionic

Landon Pro and Kiara Pro by Vionic

Sometimes, we want to wear comfy sneakers when going out for long walking trips. It is hard to find comfortable sneakers that will look nice; however, the Landon Pro for men and the Kiara Pro for women by Vionic are great choices.

These lace-up sneakers know how to balance slip-resistance, aesthetic, and comfort. Vionic installed their Vio-Motion support system for lower limb wellness. It features excellent stability with its deep, supportive heel cup.

Best Work Shoes: Waterproof Boot by Columbia Men

Waterproof Boot by Columbia Men

When your work has you standing or running around concrete floors for hours, possibly even on slippery floors, you need a pair of shoes that will not add to the 99 problems you already have.

The Waterproof Boot from Columbia Men is an ankle-high work boot that has a rubber sole with grooves and fissures for traction, giving you a good grip on the floor when you need it. It can be highly versatile as it is available in mesh, suede, and leather. It has superior cushioning, giving that bouncy feeling to the balls of your feet. It also has a heel that’s high enough for good shock absorption.

Work boots need to keep you stabilized and safe. The Waterproof Boot does that with its high-grip rubber sole and its ankle length. Using ankle-length boots reduces the risk of unwanted injuries and makes it easier to tuck your pants into your boots for more protection.

Best Dress Shoes: Eberron Loafer by Rockport Men

Eberdon Loafer by Rockport Men

If your line of work has a formal standard to meet, it can be challenging to be both graceful and comfortable the entire day. That will not be a problem with the Eberron Loafer by Rockport Men.

This cushioning loafer is available in brown and black. It has an easy slip-on design for extra space and quick donning. It’s made of genuine leather, giving a finessed look, and has you supported with its EVA-made outsole and shock absorption.

Best Athletic Shoes: Swift Run by Adidas

Swift Run by Adidas

Adidas is a household brand that does not disappoint, and that equally applies to their Swift Run shoes. This lightweight shoe doesn’t bog you down with heavy support features. Just tie your laces and go.

A vital feature of this running shoe is its OrthoLite sock liner, which keeps comfort high and moisture and odor at an all-time low. Keeping sweat away prevents bacteria build-up, which is a win-win situation. Its soft synthetic material makes the heel part foldable, so you can easily slip these shoes on when you’re in a rush.

Best Steel Toe Shoes: Sublite Cushion Work by Reebok

Sublite Cushion Work by Reebok

Some work environments are just not safe, especially on construction sites, and that’s why Reebok launched the Sublite Cushion Work shoes.

Work shoes with steel toes usually are very heavy boots, so Reebok decided to make a lighter athletically-inspired pair to keep fatigued at bay. These unisex work shoes are available in a variety of different widths and sizes. They also have an outer sole with resistant tread to keep you from slipping around the workplace.

Unlike other work shoes, the Sublite work shoes don’t have any exposed metal outside the shoe. With a dual-resistor design, static is dissipated, lessening the stress to your feet and lower limbs.

Buying Guide

Before buying shoes, there are several factors that you should consider. If you don’t think ahead, you could introduce health problems or even exacerbate existing ones.

Right Fit and Size

The right fit is fundamental to choosing the right shoe. Every person on this planet is different from the other, and that includes foot shape and size. Thankfully, some brands cater to a variety of shapes, lengths, and widths.

When trying on shoes, wear your socks with them, as this helps in contributing to the overall size. It is also best to try on shoes after a long day of walking since your feet are stretched out the most at that time. Your feet can get bigger or smaller over time, so take 1 or 2 sizes bigger than your average size, especially when shopping online.

Walking around in the shoes should be immediately comfortable. If they are too loose or so tight that the skin on your feet might chafe, re-evaluate. The fit may not be correct, or the material is not right for your foot type.


All shoes will break down eventually. Therefore, you should look for the best pair of shoes to make the best out of your buck.

When you see that the shoes are well worn and do not give proper support anymore, it’s time to buy new ones. If you want quality shoes that may last you a little longer, you might need to invest more. However, don’t think that you should always spend more on quality shoes. There are good quality pairs in the middle price range.

Shock Absorption

While you walk, your feet absorb the kinetic energy with every step to support your body’s weight. Shock-absorbing walking shoes use EVA cushions or foam to help cushion the feet and distribute this energy. With shock absorption, the dissipated force of each step goes to your lower back and not directly to your heel.

Choose shoes that have extra cushioning or padding on their insole or midsole, depending on the arch of your feet. It’s also good to choose footwear with an increased platform, which improves overall shock absorption and, as a bonus, makes you look taller.

Ankle Support

Concrete is a rigid, unforgiving surface to walk on. This fact is especially true for walking long distances or working long hours. While having good arch support can lessen the strain on the ankles, good ankle support can make shoes much more comfortable.

An ankle-length shoe also gives an added layer of protection for people who work in unpredictable environments, such as construction sites. Most shoe brands now even include extra padding for the ankle and dorsal part of the foot for a more comfortable fit, making it easier to walk for long hours.

The Arch

The arch of your foot helps you adapt to walking on different terrains. People have different arch types, and it’s important to cater to these arches to help support the feet. It’s best to know your arch type to get top support.

People with the neutral arch type have the healthiest arch type, yet the least common. They should go for a firm, straight to slightly curved mid-soles. If you have flat or low arched feet, you need a shoe with supportive insoles and straight outer soles for the best support. For people with high arched feet, your primary concern is shock absorption. Choose shoes with curved soles and arch cushioning to lessen the strain on the muscles and joints on your feet.

Style and Design

If you don’t like how your shoe looks, would you even wear it? If you think the shoe’s design does not go with your outfit, you might not wear the shoe at all. Thankfully, many shoe brands have flawlessly blended comfort, support, and style.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it Bad to Walk or Stand on Concrete for Long Hours?

Walking or working on a hard slab of concrete can lead to many pains. The energy that meets your feet whenever you take a step is absorbed, and it goes into the muscles that support you. Other parts of your body may work more to counteract these strains to keep you upright.

People that are on their feet all the time on hard surfaces can face a lot of fatigue and pain in their lower extremities. This uncontrolled pain could lead to more complications from Achilles tendinitis to a lumbar strain.

What can I do to Stop Foot Pain and Lower Back Pain?

Aside from wearing the appropriate shoe with good support and the proper fit, we should also take care of our overall health. Monitoring our health means keeping track of our weight and watching for complications like diabetes mellitus and arthritis. When a person is heavier than their feet can support, these muscles overwork to try and help carry the extra weight.

Lower back pain can be due to poor posture from long hours of sitting. This pain can also be due to the strain from the feet that runs up to your lower back. Always be mindful of your posture when sitting and standing. Exercise is the best remedy to keep the body moving.

The easiest home remedy for foot pain is to ice the area, take a pain reliever, and rest your feet. When recovering from a long shift at work or a strenuous workout, keep off your feet and let them breathe. If your foot pain is sudden and severe, it’s best to seek a doctor.

What Causes Chronic Lower Back Pain, and How Does it Affect Me?

We know that our feet help us stabilize as we walk. When we walk for long hours on flat, hard surfaces like concrete with unsupported feet, the muscles and joints in our lower limbs get strained.

When you don’t rest your feet after walking on concrete, you may be vulnerable to several side effects. You could get plantar fasciitis, which is pain and discomfort where the heel bone connects to the arch. You can also get a bunion, a health scenario where you misalign bones on your big toe, which can require surgery.

In time, wearing shoes that don’t support the feet can negatively affect your posture. This poor posture can create many problems, such as straining muscles and ligaments and even problems associated with spinal shock absorption. Your calves and knees may also experience fatigue from trying to counteract the strain on your feet.


We hope that we’ve made your decision process for choosing the best shoes for walking on concrete a little easier. Now that you understand the significance of good shoes for walking on concrete all day, it’s time to choose the most suitable shoe for you and your lifestyle.

Remember the importance of supporting your feet to avoid getting foot, leg, and back pains and injuries. When you wear ill-fitting, unsupportive footwear, you risk the health of your body. These simple foot pains could jumpstart avoidable injury and may even lead to worse health scenarios in the future.

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