Can Men Wear Women’s Shoes?

When we search for shoes, it is only natural that we begin by looking at those that fit with our gender. Not only is this actually becoming an outdated way of looking at shoes and clothing altogether – gender normality is shifting – some of us just prefer certain shoes styles because we find they fit better on the feet.

If this is something you are thinking about, then you will be pleased to know that there is absolutely nothing wrong with wearing shoes made for the opposite gender. In fact, we are here to tell you why it is a good thing and that it may actually benefit you.

Just like there is nothing wrong with a woman wearing men’s shoes, there is nothing wrong with men wearing women’s shoes. So, let us get to it.

Why Men And Women Wear Different Shoes

There are a number of reasons why both men and women wear different shoes. Sometimes we may look at them and see that there are the odd style assumptions, for example gender stereotypes of using muted colors for men and garish pinks for women – it happens.

But, there are also more important differences such as the way our feet are not the same. A woman’s foot tends to be smaller and narrower. This also includes having a higher arch and a more curved inside. 

The toes are different too, as well as the heel, and women’s shoes accommodate for these changes, as does a man’s shoe which accommodates to his feet.

When placing a man’s foot inside a woman’s shoe, the differences are instantly there. A man’s foot tends to be broader, with different curves and an arch that is lower.. 

Even though feet are different between genders, we cannot forget that not every woman has the same type of foot, and not every man has the same type of foot. This is a reason why some women find it difficult to find wide fit shoes because they do not fit into the ‘norm’ of a woman’s foot. 

The Difference Between The Shoes

Whilst the fit may be different, there can also be differences when it comes to the style of shoe. 

If you have ever looked at running sneakers by well-known sports brands, you may have spotted that some of the women’s shoes tend to have pink or purple on them. 

Even so, a woman tends to have a larger variation of color and designs compared to that of a man. Take dress shoes for example, they are normal brown, white or tan for men. A woman’s dress shoes can be any color she desires.

Shoes designs and what is acceptable for both men and women all comes down to societal expectations. There is nothing wrong with a man wearing bright colored dress shoes, however, you will not find this under the men’s shoe section.

The Reason A Man Might Wear Women’s Shoes

When we look at shoes, sometimes a style may jump out at us that is only available to one gender, and that can be annoying. But also, a man might just prefer a feminine style shoe, and both these reasons are most certainly okay.

Also, some men have narrower feet and may find men’s shoes uncomfortable, so wearing a shoe made for a woman may just be the best idea to make walking more comfortable. 

There are brands who tend to stick to one style of shoe, with no major differences between the proportion size. Converse is a good example of this, though they do tend to release certain shoes aimed at different genders, but also there is absolutely nothing wrong with wearing a bright pink, glittery platform converse shoe if you’re a man. 

The only problem here is that you would need to find your size of shoe. A man’s shoe size is not the same as a woman’s shoe size, so it will need to be converted to find the right fit for you.

Converting The Shoe Sizes

Converting shoe sizes is actually really simple once you know how to, and will help if you are wanting to buy footwear online. However, do only use this as a rough estimation, as you may find that you need to go up or down a size.

To find out roughly what shoe size you are in women’s footwear, take the shoe size you are now and add 1.5. If you are a 9 in men’s, then you are a 10.5 in women’s shoes.

How To Avoid Buying The Wrong Shoe Size

The best way to avoid buying the wrong size shoe is to go in-store and try them on. The issue with buying online is that you are likely to not get the right size pair, especially if it is your first time buying them.

Trying shoes on means you can see how they feel, walk in them and make sure they are not too narrow or short. Also, you can get your feet properly measured too.

If you really do not want to try shoes on in-store, then buying more than one pair may be a good option, just be prepared to send back the ones that do not fit.

Are There Reasons A Man Cannot Wear Women’s Shoes?

There is no real reason a man cannot wear women’s shoes, however, if you are struggling to find a pair, the biggest factor can be to do with sizing.  

If there is a particular pair of shoes that you would like to wear, then your feet may be too wide to fit the narrow footwear. If the brand does wide fit, then there could be options, though this is not available on every type of shoe. 

Also, a woman’s shoe is a lot shorter and you will need to accommodate your toes. Shorter and narrower is not an easy thing to try and fit your broad size 10s into. 

Can A Man Wear Women’s Sneakers?

When it comes to sneakers, it is best to either stick with a man’s sneaker or find a unisex pair. The reason being is that sneakers are made specifically with the gendered foot in mind, giving support where it needs it to avoid the risk of injury.

Because men and women do have differences in their physique, it is the only shoe where you will find the biggest variations between men and women’s shoes.  

You Can Opt For Unisex Shoes

If you are still daunted by the prospect of looking at women’s shoes – it is best to go instore to try them on – then you can always opt for a unisex pair.

As we stated earlier, Converse are a great example of unisex shoes, as well as Vans and Doc Martens. Even brands like Nike and Adidas have released unisex sneakers. 

There are more brands on the way who are releasing unisex footwear, so if you need a different fit, then there will be a wider scope of options available to you overtime.

Final Words

Even though there are differences between a man and woman’s feet, you can wear the shoe of the opposite gender – and very comfortably at that!

There are many reasons why you would choose to do this, from preferring a design to needing a narrower fit. So long as you are happy with the chosen pair, who really cares if they are women’s shoes?