Do Brooks Run Small?

When you find a pair of shoes that you love, ordering them can be an incredibly exciting time. There is nothing quite like getting an email to let you know that your order is on the way, and you are probably counting down the days until your new pair of shoes arrive at your front door. 

But, there is nothing more disappointing than opening that shoebox, and pulling your new trainers out, only to find that they are too small when you try them on. That is why doing your research is so important. Especially if the shoes that you want to buy are an expensive brand. 

If you are interested in buying a pair of Brooks, then you probably want to know if these shoes run big or small. After all, knowing this will have a huge influence on the size of shoes that you order. In this guide, we’ll be taking a look at if Brooks runs small, so that you know what size is best for you. So to find out more, keep on reading. 

What Are Brooks?

First, let’s take a quick look at what Brooks are. Brooks Sports, Inc. is an American sports equipment company that has grown increasingly popular in recent years.

In particular, this company has become famous for their men’s and women’s sports sneakers which have been associated with boosted performance. For this reason, more and more athletes have been opting for Brooks sneakers.

This is why Brooks has become such a household name in recent years, but sneakers aren’t the only thing that they produce. As well as shoes, Brooks also produces sports clothing for both men and women, and a whole range of other sporting accessories.

However, they have always been most famous for their sneakers. With that in mind, let’s take a look at what the sizing of Brooks sneakers is like.




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Do Brooks Run Small?

Brooks specializes in sneakers, so let’s take a look at how these sneakers fit to your feet. Typically speaking, it is accepted that Brooks trainers do run small. This is because Brooks trainers are designed to have a snug fit for your feet.

After all, Brooks sneakers are designed with exercise in mind, so the snug design makes sense. But, this does make buying the right size rather difficult.

Ideally, we would recommend sizing up when buying Brooks sneakers. So, you should take the shoe size that you would usually wear in casual shoes, and buy a larger size. Depending on the shape of your feet, we would recommend either sizing up by half a size or a full size.

If you have wider feet, buying a size larger would be preferable, whereas if you have regular feet, sizing up by half a size should be fine.

Are Brooks True To Size?

However, some people argue that Brooks sneakers are actually pretty true to size, with a lot of people stating that they buy their usual size when purchasing Brooks sneakers. But, it is important to note that most people who have said this have admitted that their feet are either naturally smaller, or that they have narrow feet.

If you have smaller feet, then it is likely that even with a snug design, Brooks sneakers will fit your feet.

If you have naturally narrow feet, we would not recommend buying a size larger than your usual size. Instead, we would recommend buying your regular size of sneakers. If you were to size up, then you will find that your Brooks sneakers do not have the snug fit that they are designed to have.

Instead, you will likely find that your Brooks sneakers have a loose fit, this will make them uncomfortable to wear, and it will also lead to your shoes inhibiting your sporting abilities. That is why you should stick with your regular size if you have smaller feet.

How Should Brooks Fit?

As we have said, Brooks sneakers are designed to have a naturally snug fit to them. While this might seem counterintuitive, as it will often mean that people struggle to find the right size shoes for them, it is actually rather common.

In particular, it is common for sporting brands to design their sneakers to fit rather snugly, because a snug fit will feel more natural, and this will make running around a lot easier.

However, it is important not to confuse a snug fit with a fit that is too tight. A snug fit will feel natural, almost as if you have a second skin on your foot.

But, a tight fit will be uncomfortable. You will typically find that a sneaker is too tight if you are left with marks on your skin after you take them off, and you feel as though your feet are restricted in the sneakers. If you purchase your normal size in Brooks, and the sneakers feel too tight, then you should return your order and purchase a size up. 

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What Size Should I Buy?

So, as you can see, it is totally understandable that you might be truly puzzled by what size of Brooks sneakers to buy. With that in mind, let’s quickly summarize it for you. 

Ideally, you should try on a pair of Brooks sneakers before you buy them. That is why it is always preferable to visit a store where possible. But, we understand that this often isn’t possible, in which case, you will have to take a bit of a risk when you are ordering your Brooks sneakers. 

Most of the time, we would recommend purchasing Brooks sneakers a size larger than your regular sneaker size. If you know that your feet are completely average, then you might prefer to purchase half a size larger instead. Likewise, if you know that your feet are naturally wider, then we would recommend purchasing a whole size larger. 

However, if you know that you have smaller feet, and often find that your regular size of shoes is a bit loose on your feet, perhaps because your feet are narrow, we would recommend ordering your regular size.

This is because Brooks are designed to have a snug fit, so this should offset the narrowness of your feet, leaving you with sneakers that fit comfortably when you exercise.