Do Stan Smiths Run Big?

Adidas Stan Smiths, one of Adidas’s most iconic sneakers – not just in name, but in design!

We love a pair of Stan Smiths. In fact, these sneakers are some of our favorites, simply because they are timeless, comfortable, and suitable with almost any outfit – thanks to their minimalistic, but modern, appearance.

Launched in 1965, Adidas Stan Smiths have, if you did not know, been around a while. They were named after American tennis player Stan Smith, who was most successful throughout the ‘60s, ‘70s, and ‘80s.

Once upon a time, however, Stan Smiths were originally called Adidas “Robert Haillet” – a fun fact for you sneaker buffs.

If you are considering buying a pair of Stan Smiths, you have good taste in sneakers. And seeing as though you have landed on our article, you also want to make sure you get the best Stan Smiths possible!

We get it. And this guide is going to answer all of your questions.

Do Stan Smiths Run Big Or Small?

So, do Adidas Stan Smiths run big? Do Adidas Stan Smiths run small?

The answer you are hunting for is that Adidas Stan Smiths run true to size.

That is not just our opinion; Adidas has written this information on a public blog that you can find on their website, titled “How Do Adidas Stan Smith Fit?”.

That’s it!

So, if you already had your eye on a pair of Stan Smiths but were not sure about which Stan Smiths size to choose, you can go ahead and order your normal size. Simply choose the international shoe size you are most familiar with.

If you own multiple pairs of shoes in different sizes, choose the size that you have more pairs of sneakers in. For more accuracy, refer to the size of your sneakers and use that as the guide for choosing your Stan Smiths.

Do Women’s Stan Smiths Run Large?

Thankfully, Adidas Stan Smiths run true to size for both women and men. This is also the case for youth Stan Smiths.

In fact – and you might have noticed this already – the majority of Adidas Stan Smiths are unisex sneakers that will look good on anyone’s feet. This is what makes Adidas Stan Smiths so versatile in our eyes.

So, whether you are a woman, man, boy, or girl, rest assured that you can buy your normal size and find them to be a perfect fit. 

Should I Size Up Or Down For Stan Smiths?

Of course, not all of us like our shoes to be a perfect fit. Some of us prefer extra toe space, and some of us are buying Stan Smiths for younger generations whose feet are most likely to grow within the year.

So, should you size up or down for Stan Smiths?

Well, if you are buying Stan Smiths for a child or teen, you might want to consider the other sneakers they own and how they currently fit. If they are starting to get tight, this is a good indicator to buy Stan Smiths in a size up.

Remember: Stan Smiths run true to size, so consider the size they currently wear and whether it fits small, just right, or slightly large.

If, on the other hand, you prefer having more toe space, it might be worth going a size up for your Stan Smiths. If you are really unsure, it is best to head to your nearest sneaker store to try on a pair!

Do Stan Smiths Come In Half Sizes?

Stan Smiths are available in half sizes. This is something else to consider if you are someone who usually wears a half size, or someone who likes to make sure the fit of their shoes is dead accurate.

As we mentioned earlier, if you like to have extra toe space when it comes to putting on sneakers, we recommend considering going a size up. In this case, grabbing a pair of Stan Smiths that are half a size up might be your best bet.

This is the same for kids with fast-growing feet – you might want to grab a size up to make sure they get the most wear out of them.

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How Long Do Stan Smiths Take To Break In?

Adidas Stan Smiths do not take long to break in. In fact, we tend to find that Stan Smiths hit the “snug” mark after just a few hours of wear. You can do this by simply putting them on straight out of the box and wearing them around the house.

Stan Smiths – most notably the Stan Smith 2, which has been around since 2002 – are actually well-known for being comfortable right out of the box due to the padded tongue, raised heel, and true to size fit.

So, if you are someone who does not like it when shoes take forever to break in, you are not going to have that problem with Stan Smiths – at least it will not take that long!

Do Stan Smiths Stretch Out?

In our opinion, the Adidas Stan Smith does stretch over time – but not by much. As the majority of Stan Smith sneakers are leather, the upper part (where the top part of the foot pushes against the tongue) can stretch out due to everyday use.

However, Stan Smiths do not stretch outwards in our experience. As they run true to size, this also makes Stan Smiths some of the best sneakers you can buy if sneaker stretching is something that you worry about. 

Can You Run In Stan Smiths?

Adidas Stan Smiths are a tennis shoe, named after famous tennis player Stan Smith. So, the Stan Smith is ideal for sports use, including tennis, badminton, and racquetball.

While this is true, Stan Smiths are not ideal for long-distance running or hiking. This is because the sole of the shoe does not provide arch/ankle support, which is needed in sports that involve putting repeated stress on the foot.

As Stan Smiths also have flatter soles than most other sneakers, many people also wear them in the gym for exercises such as squatting and deadlifting.

How Do I Clean My Adidas Stan Smith At Home?

White Stan Smiths are probably the most popular style of Adidas Stan Smith you can buy. They are simple, fresh, and stylish, going great with any casual or semiformal outfit. The problem that we all face is how easily they get dirty.

In general, you can wash your Stan Smiths (any color) using water and soap. If you have white Stan Smiths, you might want to use a leather cleaner if you want to maintain the “straight out of the box” look.

A good rule of thumb is to clean your Adidas Stan Smiths as soon as you notice a stain or dirt mark. With a bowl of clean water and soap, you can use a cloth, shoe brush, and toothbrush for the hard-to-reach areas.


Adidas Stan Smith sneakers run true to size. This is an official statement by Adidas, so you can go ahead and buy your normal size – no matter whether that is for an adult pair of Stan Smiths or a youth pair of Stan Smiths.

If, however, you prefer extra toe space, or are buying Stan Smiths for a fast-growing teen or toddler, it might be worth going up a size. The good thing is that Stan Smiths are available to buy in half sizes.