How To Break In Cowboy Boots

Cowboys can be a really cool fashion statement. They can look extremely fashionable on both men and women. Cowboy boots are normally very decorative, instantly making your outfit appear more exciting. They also add an element of height since they contain heels, making you appear taller. 

Despite their aesthetic value, cowboy boots can be quite uncomfortable when you first put them on. Like a lot of shoes, they require a break-in period. This is because they tend to be made from quite strong materials, such as leather. Though this will mean the boots are durable and long-lasting, it can result in them being uncomfortable.

To help you break these shoes in, follow our helpful tips. 

What Does “Break In” Mean? 

When it comes to shoes, a break in period is a time in which you adjust to your new shoes or boots. In this period, the shoes can be quite uncomfortable and unpleasant to wear.

Fortunately, the period does not last very long. You can also speed up this time through a variety of methods. To find out how to do this with your cowboy boots, continue reading.

Why Is It Crucial To Break-In Cowboy Boots?

If you do not break-in your shoes, it can be a very painful experience for your feet. 

Top Tips

To help you break in your cowboy boots without damaging the leather, follow these helpful tips. 

1. Protect Your Feet

Wearing newly-bought cowboy boots will not be kind on your feet. To stop this issue, you should wear two layers of socks on both feet. This will provide an extra barrier of protection for your feet. Your feet will begin to push the leather of the boot, causing it to stretch.

As a result, its size will be larger and better suited to your feet. It is also recommended that you also stock up on plasters in case you get any blisters on your feet, especially on your heels. This will further defend the skin on your feet. 

2. Wear Your Cowboy Boots A Lot

One of the simplest techniques you can utilize is to simply wear your boots. This will break them in since the leather of the boots will adapt to the pressure from your feet.

It is advised that you take breaks in between wearing your cowboy boots. Wearing them all of the time can be extremely painful. Consequently, it is not necessarily the best or most effective technique. 

3. Utilize A Boot Stretcher

To speed up the break-in process, you may want to employ a boot stretcher. There are different kinds of boot stretchers, such as stretch sprays. You can purchase these sprays online or in shoe shops.

For instance, this product will significantly simplify the break-in process. Spray this mixture onto the area of the boot that you want to stretch. Depending on which area hurts most, this will likely either be the heel or toe area. 

You can also get cowboy boot stretchers, which are specifically designed for this type of boot. These products work excellently and are simple to use. If you are looking for a cowboy boot stretcher, this is an incredible item. Unfortunately, there are some downsides to this type of product.

For example, they can be quite expensive, especially if you only use them occasionally. However, these boot stretchers will be great if you own a lot of cowboy boots or if other people in your family own these boots. 

4. Use Frozen Water

Another method you can take advantage of is by using frozen water. This technique is super inexpensive since ice is easy to obtain.

Place a bag of ice in the areas of the boots that are rubbing against your feet. You can also put the boots in the freezer. You should bear in mind, however, that this can take some time. You may also lack the room to put your boots in the freezer. 

5. Steam The Cowboy Boots

This next technique will involve steaming the cowboy boots. You can use steam to soften your cowboy boots. To do this method, simply get steam into the inside of your boot. You can either do this with a steamer or by holding your boots over a pot of boiling water on a stove. 

To stretch the boots on your stove, hold the boot over a boiling pot of water. Hold the boot upside down, enabling the steam to enter the inside of the boot. This will make the leather softer and more pliable.

An advantage of this technique is that it is very cheap. The disadvantage of this method is that it can take a while for the leather to dry. Additionally, the leather can fade thanks to the steam.

These problems also exist when using a steamer. As with the previous technique, hold the steamer facing the inside of the boot. Garment steamers can be purchased online for affordable prices. This is an excellent example of a cloth steamer that can be used to break in your boots. 

6. Make Sure You Get The Right Size

Though this may seem obvious, it is nonetheless highly advised that you purchase the correct boot size. In some cases, you have to buy a size bigger than your regular shoe size. Measurements for different boot sizes may be listed online in product descriptions.

This means that you can measure your feet and then see which size will provide the best fit. Furthermore, you can measure your feet in shoe or boot stores. Perfectly fitting cowboy boots will be much less arduous to break in than ill-fitting boots.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Normal For Cowboy Boots To Be Painful Art First?

Yes, this is a fairly standard phenomenon. The reason for this is that boots are made out of leather, a durable material that can be quite harsh on your feet. A little pain is quite natural, though you can prevent this irritation by breaking in your shoes

However, if you are feeling a lot of pain, something may be wrong. You may have purchased boots that do not fit properly. 

How Can I Make Cowboy Boots More Comfortable?

The primary method of doing this is by breaking them in. Fortunately, there are other techniques you can use. For instance, you can add insoles to your boots. These will support the soles of your feet. 

Closing Remarks

Though it can take some time, it is worth breaking in your cowboy boots. After all, these super stylish boots look incredible and can be very comfortable once they have been broken in. To do this, follow the top tips above.