How to Clean Satin Shoes in 5 Easy Steps 

There is no denying that satin is a beautiful and luxurious material. It has an elegant sheen that instantly makes your shoes look expensive. Unfortunately, they are not easy to care for, but there are ways on how to clean satin shoes without ruining the delicate material. 

How to Clean Satin Shoes Easily

Whether it’s satin sneakers, satin booties, or satin heels, cleaning satin shoes is much easier than you think. Just follow our simple steps below.

  • Ready the Materials

To clean satin shoes safely without ruining the fabric, find a soft-bristled brush, preferably a toothbrush, and mild detergent or bleach. You also need a cup or bowl to hold the liquid and some cold water.

  • Prep the Shoes

The next step is to ready your shoes for cleaning. If you are looking at satin sneakers, remember to remove the laces. If you have insoles in satin heels, be sure to remove them as well. 

After removing everything, you can start to rid the surface of debris, dust, dirt, and mud. You can do this by utilizing the soft-bristled brush you have prepared and just gently brush the surface of the satin to eliminate the excess dirt.

The key is to make sure the surface is completely free of debris. You don’t want to exacerbate the situation by rubbing the dirt deeper into the fabric.

  • Mix the Detergent and Water

Now we are going to create a mild cleaning solution by combining the detergent or bleach with cold water. The measurement is 1 part cleaning solution and 2 parts water for regular stains. If you are trying to treat some mild dirt, then you can consider increasing the water ratio.

It’s best not to exceed the 2:1 ratio because you don’t want to risk damaging the satin fabric. 

  • Start Cleaning

Take another soft-bristled brush or clean off the one you used to get rid of surface dirt and dip it into the cleaning solution. Make sure you clean the brush off first if you opt to use the same one. 

Make sure to flick the brush a few times to get rid of excess water. If the water is dripping wet, you will create a water stain on the surface after the satin dries.

Use gentle brushing motions in a single direction as you attempt to clean the satin. Don’t rub back and forth because you will risk embedding the debris even deeper into the threads. 

  • Dry Your Shoes

Once you are satisfied with the cleaning, you can start drying them off with a clean towel. Press on the wet parts of the shoe gently with the towel. Once you have dried them off to a degree, leave them in a cool and dark place to dry off overnight.

You will see a miraculous difference when you wake up the next day! 

What about Stubborn Stains?

Some readers may be wondering how to wash satin shoes with stubborn stains because it’s possible that the soft-bristled brush won’t do the trick. If you wake up to shoes that are still sporting some dirt, you can try to clean your shoes once more with mild hand soap or detergent and a soft cloth.

No water is needed, instead, just use a small dob of cleaning liquid on the cloth, rub it together to create a lather, and apply it to your shoes.

Start dabbing the dirt with the soapy cloth without rubbing it. Dab gently, and consider a small amount of baking soda or hydrogen peroxide if you don’t start to see a difference.

Once you have successfully removed the stains, rinse off the shoe. Don’t do it directly under a running faucet, but use a separate wet clean cloth to dab away at the lather until your shoes are clean.

Once you are satisfied with the job, you can dry them the same way by using a dry towel and leaving them in a cool and dark place to dry overnight. 

Extra Tips When Washing Satin

An extra tip to be aware of when cleaning satin shoes is to never use very warm to hot water. We mentioned cold water above because water with a higher temperature will run the risk of damaging the satin, discoloring, and also warping the fit of your satin footwear. In some cases, your shoe may even shrink!

Acting quickly can be the difference between a permanent stain and one that’s easily removed. You can try to remove old stains, but you will most likely find that they have set into the shoe and cannot be removed with just a mild cleaning solution. With more stubborn stains, you may want to consider a professional cleaning service.

Don’t rub too hard. Another important aspect of cleaning satin is to make sure to use a gentle hand. Heavy rubbing will not only worsen the staining, but it could also ruin the surface of your shoe and cause discoloration or color fading.

If you are afraid of permanent water spots, you can consider using a hairdryer to dry your satin shoes. Even if you do make sure to tap away from all the excess water from the brush or feel like you soaked up most of the moisture with a clean towel, you can never be 100% sure if your cleaning job will leave a stain.

Because satin is sensitive to heat, make sure to use the lowest setting on your hairdryer and do not apply it too close to the shoe. Keep it at least a few inches away from the surface and don’t just focus on one area. Be sure to move the hairdryer around so you dry your shoes evenly. 

Luckily, if your shoes do dry with a watermark, there is a way to get it out with steam. You can do this at home by boiling water and holding the stained part of your satin shoe over the spout of the kettle where the steam is coming out. Then use a rounded object to coax the water out of the fabric by rubbing in swift motions. 

Can You Wash Satin?

The answer is no if you are referring to shoes. However, it’s satin sheets or clothing, then yes. This beautiful material is a treat to have, but it does take special care and isn’t as simple as just tossing the items into the washing machine.

Always check the tag to see what the manufacturer says about washing your satin garments or sheets. It’s a good idea to treat the spot first before machine washing. You can do it the same way you would against stains on shoes by rubbing detergent on the stain. 


Satin is beautiful, and it does come with inconveniences such as regular maintenance and care. Just remember our extra tips when you purchase your new pair of satin shoes. Always act quickly if you can when you notice fresh stains, never use hot water, and no hard rubbing. 

Don’t give yourself too much grief because even if your shoes don’t dry completely stain-free, there is always a way to salvage them. Watermarks can be saved, stubborn stains can be eliminated, all it takes is some effort and care. 

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