How to Clean and Care for Your UGG Boots

Ugg boots are known for keeping your feet toasty and warm in the bleak winter; nevertheless, just like other shoes, you need to keep them clean. How do you remove water stains from Uggs? And, how do you clean mud off Uggs when you can’t simply scrub them without ruining the exterior of the boot? Let’s look at some useful hacks on how to clean Ugg boots inside and out.

How to Clean Ugg Boots

Using a Suede Brush and Eraser

If your boots aren’t a complete mess, you can clean Ugg boots without a kit. All it requires is the purchase of a suede brush and an eraser. The most common exterior of Ugg boots is suede, so these brushes will simply brush the dirt off the surface to make them as good as new.

Using a Suede Brush and Eraser

The first step for how to get stains out of Uggs is to use your brush to gently wipe and scrape off surface dirt. After you have removed most of the surface debris off, the eraser comes into play. Use the eraser to remove any deep stains and scuff marks.

You can finish off by taking a soft, microfiber cloth to brush off any lingering dirt or dust particles.

How to Clean Uggs with Vinegar

Another proven method for cleaning Ugg boots is by using vinegar. Mix a half cup of white vinegar with another half cup of cold water. Dip a soft damp, cloth into the mixture and start rubbing at the stains. It’s imperative not to use too much force as you can damage the surface material and even scrub off some color if you use too much force.

How to Clean Uggs with Vinegar

After you are satisfied with the stain and dirt removal, you can use another damp cloth to start wiping the vinegar off your Uggs. They may not smell great but the vinegar odor should subside after wear.

Leave your Uggs to dry in the open air. Do not apply heat to dry them faster as it could cause the material to stiffen – and sometimes even shrink.

Using an Ugg Stain Remover

The Ugg brand sells a stain remover, or Ugg Protector, on their website. To use the stain remover, you still need to enlist the help of a suede brush to remove any surface dirt. Afterward, use a damp cloth or sponge to gently wet the surface and then apply a small amount of the formula. Gently scrub the surface of your Uggs, and then use a different wet sponge or cloth to remove all the residue.

Using an Ugg Stain Remover

Stuff your Uggs with newspaper to keep their shape and allow them to air dry when complete. Allow your boots to dry for around 24 hours to make sure there is no moisture remaining. Remember not to apply heat and to give the suede a final brush at the end.

Can You Wash Ugg Boots?

No, you can’t wash your Ugg boots. Putting them in the washing machine can ruin both the shape and the material. To keep them clean, there are a handful of ways to clean Ugg boots at home, so you shouldn’t need to take them to the dry cleaner or machine wash them.

Wash Ugg Boots

There may be some folks who attest to the efficacy of washing Ugg boots, and it may turn out well the first or even the second time around. Despite this, you will notice that, over time, consistently washing Ugg boots will damage the structure and design.


It’s not very difficult to keep your Ugg boots clean with items you have lying around the house. Depending on the severity and the type of stain, some methods work better than others. We recommend investing in a suede brush and eraser, especially if you have other shoes and boots to maintain.

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