How to Make Cowboy Boots More Comfortable

No wonder cowboy boots are well-made but it is not necessary they will be well-fitted as they will require some time to break in. The cowboy boots are made of leather that must be stiff and you cannot avoid the unpleasantness of irritated, blistered hooves until you conform to the shape of your foot. There are ways how to make cowboy boots more comfortable with small increments before horse-riding, tapping, and regular walking.

How to Make Cowboy Boots more Comfortable with Insoles?

Cowboy boots don’t have adequate support for your feet like it’s a normal insole, you can consult your podiatrist if you have high/low arches on proper orthotics insole that you can wear with your boots.

Same as it is if you have an old pair of boots and its insoles have worn out or lost cushioning then replace them with some recommended manufacturer for insoles. Cowboy boots makers use alligator, snake, or even ostrich skin to make cowhide leather western-style boots.

It doesn’t matter from where their leather is derived but these can be stretched to a degree to free up space for best fitting to your feet. It’s better to read out the instructions first before applying any gear to the boots.

1. By Stretching Out your Cowboy Boots

When you buy cowboy boots and they are tight and restrictive then you need to stretch them first. There are many options to make them comfortable for your feet, but if you think you need them stretched a tiny bit then wear two pairs of socks.

This will stretch your boot with the right amount you need and will make it comfortable, in case you need more stretching then you can use a boot stretcher which is specifically designed for western-style boots.

You can find out one online like FootFitter’s cowboy boot stretcher is the most convenient option for stretching your boots, as the expander allows you to passively stretch your boots.

By Stretching Out your Cowboy Boots

It is a better option to put in a boot expander that will stretch your boots by keeping them aside than to roam around in wet boots for hours. The boot stretcher will take only 6 hours approximately to increase half size of the boot.

There is only one issue with this method that you have to purchase a boot expander, yes if you have more than one pair of boots then it’s fine with the investment. Let’s find out how it works to make your boot comfortable and easy to wear.

The very first thing you have to do is to shoe spray inside your boot to relax the leather for stretching you can remove the access with a cloth. Now insert the plugs into the slot and toe block into the toe box for stretching.

Keep in mind by inserting the toe block that it touches the end of the toe box and for widening the boot turn on the handle clockwise do this 2 or 3 times for better stretch. When you put on the desired settings then leave it for 6-8 hours you can do this at night if you have to wear them in the morning.

2. By Getting Better Socks

It is necessary to wear the type of socks which suits your boots like you must not wear low-cut gym socks with cowboy boots. You must wear a sock that goes above your calf so that the boots may not bantering your leg.

There are many soft and wool socks available in the market you can get them for you which are warm in winter and cool in the summer season.

Cowboy Boots Getting Better Socks

When your boots are a bit tight and you need to stretch them a bit then wear two pairs of socks so that your feet will take their place in boots by increasing their length and width. Because the pressure on the boot will increase the size of the boot and ultimately makes a room for your feet.

Well, this method can be a bit painful while wearing two pairs of socks can hurt your toes and you may face difficulty while walking around. It is recommended to apply this method in the daytime when it is warm so that the material would be more pliant and flexible.

3. Steam the Inside of your Boots

This is the cheapest method to know how to make cowboy boots more comfortable in an easy way. According to research, people say this method harms the leather quality and fades its shinning away so you may apply this method at your own risk.

You can use a kettle of hot water for steaming or a garment steamer to directly steam the inside of the boot where you want it to be stretched for 20 seconds.

Now put the steamer aside and check the boot by pressing the leather with your fingers if its still firm then steams it for more than 15 seconds. When it feels soft and flexible then instantly slip your foot into the boot and walk around for a few minutes.

Steam Inside of your Boots

For better results and comfortable walk-in boots, you must keep them on until they are dry and then the leather would take shape of your feet.

But if you do not feel comfortable in that way then remove them and put them aside to let them dry naturally. If you would try to speed up the process to give it more heat then the material of the boot will be damage.

When it finished dry then you can apply some boot conditioner on them to make them shine like leather, honey. This method can make your cowboy boots comfortable to wear but this may affect the vibrancy of the boots whereas it depends on the type of leather and its quality.

4. Submerge them in Water

Oh, snap! My shoes are so expensive how can I do this to them to put them in the water?

Yes, such sort of questions raises in mind that this is crazy to put them into a bathtub. Besides this is another method of freeing up space in your boots and make them comfortable as this method is evidenced by the wearers.

Submerge them in Water

This procedure will stretch your boots as naturally water loosens fibers which allow the leather to be flexible and get the shape of your feet while placing in lukewarm water.

Be careful while doing this act submerge the boots in water but don’t let it penetrate inside the boots and also not let it float in water.

Use your hand to press down your boots into the water and let your boot sole get wet then pull them out of water. Wear the boots now with the socks if you don’t like to wear them wet then put on some plastic socks to prevent them wet.

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