How To Make Shoes More Comfortable For Standing

Many people may have jobs that require you to stand for the most part of the day. If you work in a retail shop, for example, you may need to spend several hours standing for attending and greeting customers. In such a case you need comfortable shoes to prevent cuts, blisters, or worse, ankle injury. So if you have such a job, or if your shoes are uncomfortable, you need to find How to make shoes more comfortable for standing

When buying shoes, people are often careful to make sure they buy the right size for their foot but even then, in certain cases, in the perfect shoes, you may not feel comfortable. Being of the right size and fit is one thing but them being comfortable is entirely another thing. So even with the right size, some shoes may not be comfortable. That is why people search for ways of making shoes comfortable for standing. So if you need any sort of help to make your shoes comfortable enough for standing for extended periods, here are some ways you can do that!

How to Make Shoes More Comfortable for Standing

There are certain things that you can do to make your shoes more comfortable for wearing if you are to stand for extended periods.

  1. Using Inserts (gels): The new idea of using inserts is a technology that makes use of an ultra-thin gel that helps to relieve the pressure hence making you feel more comfortable. These gels can be found in a variety of shapes that match heels, flat shoes, or open-toe shoes which means that they are available for almost every type of shoe. They will also be available in different sizes such as smaller gels that can fit your heel, the ball, or other such sensitive areas.
  2. Using Arch Supports: For making your shoes more comfortable if you are to stand for longer times, make use of the right size arch supports because they help to distribute the pressure evenly across the feet and help align your body. If of the right size they can help improve your balance and posture as well as reducing foot pain and problems related to footwear.
  3. Using Maxi Pads for Foot Relief: Maxi pads for shoes can be a good alternative to using gels because this extra padding allows your foot to rest on a soft and comfortable bed and additionally absorbs any sweat. With such a soft and comfortable feeling, they are bound to make your shoes comfortable enough to stand for extended periods.
  4. Guarding the Toes: Silicone toe guards will be easily available at shoe stores around you and are a good option for making your shoes more comfortable if you have sensitive skin. They are relatively cheap and you will find them in any store be it online or in the store.
    Guarding the Toes
  1. Getting them Soaked: Some shoes such as sandals can come to the right size and comfort when they are soaked with enough warm water. You must wear shoes and fit them to the right size. Once they are on and fit, spray them with warm water enough to get them soaked well. Once wet, let them dry naturally, while still on and you can use leather cream of good quality once done. This method makes the shoe fit perfectly on your foot hence making it comfortable enough for extended periods of standing.
  2. Adding Extra Soles if Needed: Sometimes your shoes, despite being the right size, may need an extra sole in order for it to provide a specific level of comfort. If you feel that one sole isn’t enough, try adding another thinner sole on top of the main one and check if that makes it any more comfortable.
  3. Wearing Socks: While other methods also make shoes more comfortable for wearing, using socks with shoes has never failed in making them more comfortable. Sometimes one, at other times more than one pair of socks can be worn based on how much comfort you can get with a pair and how much is needed. A better option would be to go for contoured socks because they provide more comfort than socks that are loose.
    Wearing Socks
  4. Using Scotch Tape for Comfort Purposes: It has also been suggested that by taping the third and the fourth toes of each foot you can alleviate pressure to a particularly sensitive nerve that is located between these toes. This helps to improve comfort as it directs the pressure in the right way. Scotch tape is a good option but if you are wearing open shoes and fear that the tape may show, you can use a nude color tape that matches your skin color and reduces the chance of being noted.
  1. Elevating the Toes: One other way to make your shoe more comfortable is to add a piece of metatarsal padding which helps to reduce some pressure off the balls and hence allows you to spend a greater time standing. It will also help provide you the comfort needed for long-standing periods. A similar effect will also be achieved if you are stuffing cotton balls under your toes. Either way, the pressure is reduced on the foot hence making it more comfortable for wearing and helping you stand for prolonged periods.

Even when your shoe is the right size, it may not necessarily be comfortable, but you need not worry about that. Why? Because there is always a solution to the problem! There is always a way to make the shoe more comfortable with the use of simple tricks which have been discussed in the article above. So, the next time you feel that your shoe cannot be worn because it isn’t comfortable, we’d say you should think again! With the simple methods described above, you can ensure that your shoes are comfortable enough to wear especially if your work requires standing for long periods of time!


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