How To Not Crease Your Shoes

Purchasing a new pair of shoes is one of the best feelings. Slipping them on for the first time and feeling a million dollars. You can’t beat it. 

Your newest pair of shoes gather the most love and attention, so this means they’ll last longer, right?

The fact that you are on this page means that you are worried about creasing your brand new shoes. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there!

Sorry to let you down, but creases on shoes are pretty inevitable. However, there are some techniques and tips that delay these creases and help your shoes look brand new for as long as possible. 

Before we delve into these techniques, it is important to understand why your shoes are creasing so much in the first place. Knowing the source of your problems is great for preventing them from happening in the future.

What Causes Your Shoes To Crease?

Your Shoes Do Not Adapt To The Way You Walk

Of course shoes cannot actually adapt, but creases on your shoes shows that they are having a difficult time whilst on your feet. As you walk, your feet will bend at a variety of different angles at the balls of your feet. Your shoes will also bend in this motion as you move which will cause them to crease. 

The bending of your shoes is obviously a good thing as if your shoe did not bend at all, it would be uncomfortably rigid which would inflict pain on your feet. This ultimately means that owning soft shoes will result in persistent creases the more you use them. 

You Consistently Wear The Same Shoes

Do you consistently wear the same shoes and expect them to continue functioning properly? You need to realise that your shoes will have a limit and will begin to feel worn out after being used multiple times. 

Even if you are purchasing some of the most high end shoes with quality material, they will still become creased after being used multiple times. Shoes are very expensive commodities but if you are insistent on not creasing your shoes, then it would be advised to look to purchase a new pair.

They Do Not Match Your Feet

Having a pair of shoes that are too big for you will leave too much room for the shoes to get creased. This also can occur when your shoes are too tight so you need to ensure you are purchasing the correct size.

Quality Of Your Footwear

If you cannot see any of these reasons as the source of your problem, then the most likely reason is that the quality of your shoes just is not good enough. Poor quality material is far more prone to creases and also has a shorter longevity. Therefore it is highly recommended to choose branded footwear. 

Now you understand the reasons behind your creased shoes, let’s discuss the solutions that will dispose of those creases that are ruining your beautiful shoes. 

Prevention Tips

Here are six tips to prevent your shoes from creasing whilst you are walking.

1. Correct Your Walking

By no means are we questioning your style of walking, but the creases on your shoes may be as a result of your walking not co-operating with them. You may see a different result if you alter your walking style by maintaining an upright posture or by distributing the weight on your shoes evenly. 

Although it may be uncomfortable, you can apply more pressure to your heels to avoid creases. This may become hard getting used to but if you want to increase the longevity of your shoes, then this is the way forward. 

2. Give Your Shoes A Break

Using your shoes on alternative days will give your more favourable shoes a bit of a rest. If you wear the same shoes repeatedly, moisture will begin sinking into your shoes which will be a pivotal cause in creating creases in your shoes. 

This may seem like a financial burden and some of you may not be able to facilitate multiple pairs of shoes. However, if you are able to, then multiple pairs of shoes will help to keep each pair in good condition.

3. Look For A Perfect Fit

It may seem obvious, but ensuring your shoes are the perfect fit for your feet is a great way to ensure that you will avoid creases. The best way to do this is in store and trying the shoes on to make sure they fully engulf your feet. 

Take a short walk in the shop to look for any signs of discomfort and to see how the shoe behaves after around 5 minutes. Slightly twist and turn your feet also to see how the shoes bend with your foot. If the shoe does not bend well, then it is likely that the shoes will produce creases after a short period of use.

If you are buying shoes online, then you can look to obtain equipment that will give a perfect examination of your foot size.

4. Use A Premium Quality Sole

Even if you are committed in all the above methods, your shoes are still likely to crease. The best way forward when it comes to preventing this, is to buy good quality shoes. 

This may seem like alot of money but it can actually be more economical to buy one pair of quality shoes that lasts longer than multiple poor quality shoes that do not last very long at all. All high quality shoes will be manufactured with a reliable sole that will drastically improve the longevity of the shoe.

These soles will be made of strong material that will allow good grip to stop you from causing any unnecessary creases.

5. Use A Moisturizer 

Moisturizers can show great results when it comes to the ongoing maintenance of your shoes. Simply apply the moisturizer to your creases and it will help the area become supple and the creases will look vague or even disappear.  Oils that work well for leather shoes include mink or neatsfoot oil. 

Moisturizers are one of the best forms of after shoe care and will go a long way in protecting the look and condition of your shoes.

6. Shoe Trees

Although a fairly traditional looking technique, wooden shoe trees help to add rigidness to your shoe which will keep the shoe decreased. 

As well as this, a shoe tree will aid in removing the moisture that gets trapped in them whilst you are out wearing them. This will stop shoes from producing that foul damp smell. Sounds great doesn’t it? 

If you cannot find a shoe tree anywhere, then socks are bound to do just the trick! Simply roll your socks together and stuff them into your shoe whilst they are resting. Do make sure that these socks are clean as sweaty socks will allow bacteria to grow inside your shoe. 

Final Thoughts

You have obviously reached this far down the page because you love your shoes and you want to protect them at all costs. Could you relate to any of the issues on this list?

If your shoes are not in the best shape, then it is not too late for you to mend them through some of these methods. These are all simple methods that just require some repetition. If you are consistent with your shoe maintenance then you will make sure your shoes last for a very long time.