How to Repair Scratched Leather Shoes

Nothing else can be daunting than dumping your favorite pair of leather shoes just because they have got scratches on them. It might be surprising for you to know that several solutions can help you How to repair scratched leather shoes? Following given are some of the essential techniques to help you:

How to Repair Scratched Leather Shoes?

You must have been careful about your favorite leather shoes, but still, they can get scuffed or scratched, but you can’t just dump them. These scratches can get disguised effectively that anyone can hardly notice them. In short, there is a simple logic behind it. Leather shoes made from a dead animal’s skin and the thing you need to know about leather is that being dead skin, it cannot recuperate itself.?

So before trying any treatments, you need to understand some essential basics:


Before you start knowing any technique to? repair scratches? following mentioned are the things that you need to understand:

Technique to Repair Scratches

If your leather shoes have scratches on them, they can be even worse and form cracks that become hard to treat as the surface starts moving slightly and forms a cavity on the shoe surface. So:

  1. First of all, you need to try ways to rejoin gaps that have created on the surface of shoes, so there are no more cavities.?
  2. Then fill the gap lines so that they get well blended in the surface.?

Following mentioned are some of the techniques that you can use:

Method: 1

Take a clean piece of cloth and dab it in olive oil. You can either use white vinegar. Rub the dabbed piece of material on the surface of your leather shoes. You have to rub the fabric in a round motion.

After rubbing it for 2-3 minutes, it would be better to leave the boots for about 24 hours so that the oil or vinegar gets wholly absorbed in the surface of your shoes. You can use the combination of these two liquids, too, but this can make your shoes swell for the time being.

This swelling of the shoes clears almost all the scratches.?

Method: 2

Ninety-nine percent of the chances are there that your leather shoes will get treated by trying the first method, but if it doesn’t work, you can try the second method. This method used for more prominent and more extensive cracks.?

  • Get any available super glue and fill all the prominent scratches with it. Use the glue carefully as it should only fill the scratches and not applied to the shoe surface. Once you have loaded the gaps, dab the holes with a clean cloth so that any excess glue can get wiped away. Such adhesive usually is available at hardware stores.?
  • Then you can have two options, either leave the shoes as it is and a better way to give an excellent look to your shoes is to polish them with the same color of the leather, as this will clear the glue marks if there are any. If still, that isn’t okay for you, you can try more techniques.?
  • Take sandpaper and immediately after applying the glue, sand all the scratches on your shoes. While you are sanding the shoes, make sure that you are doing it in the direction of the scratches and not in the circular motion or just randomly.?
  • Once you have done with sanding, apply and buff the leather color polish on your shoes and make sure to blend it properly.?
  • Once you have completed the whole process, don’t forget to apply a conditioner on the shoe surface so that they get their original shine back. Always remember to select the conditioner from a good brand.?

Quick Alternatives:

Above mentioned techniques are highly helpful in removing scratches from the shoe surface, but if you are in a hurry and can’t spend so much time in the methods mentioned above. You can try some of the following mentioned tips:

Baby Oil

Baby oil is a perfect urgent remedy that is available in almost every home. You need to apply a bit of the oil on the shoe surface by using a clean piece of cloth.

Using Baby Oil

Once the oil is completely absorbed in the coating, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Heat the fabric
  • Place the heated towel immediately on the scratched area that you have applied the baby oil on.?
  • It’s better to place heated iron on the shoe surface but don’t put it directly rather keep a piece of cloth between the iron and shoes.?

Black Marker?

If you have leather shoes of black color, use a black permanent marker to draw out the scratches. Once you have done this, buff the shoes with the same color polish as the leather of your shoes. Make sure to blend the color well.?

Leather Repairing Kits

It too is one of the effective remedies that you can use to? treat scratched leather shoes. Get a well-branded leather repairing kit that is usually available on big leather shoe stores?

Leather Repairing Kits


All these measures and remedies are effective in most situations, but a problem may arise in using the ready-to-made repair kits as you need to be careful in the selection of the equipment so that it may match the color tone of the shoes. If you are unable to get a package that is not compatible with your leather shoes, you can ruin your pair of shoes completely. In the other situation, the scratches on your shoes may get even more prominent despite getting removed. You can avail the chance of customer support to help you in the selection of the right kit.?

Reach a Cobbler

If all these remedies don’t work, it’s better to consult a professional in such a case. However, the cobbler might not get your shoes in their original form after so much damage, but they can ensure you a better damage repair.?

On the other side, these self-experiments, if not done correctly, can cause additional damage to your shoes.?

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Good Luck?

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