How To Soften Leather Walking Boots

Leather shoes are one of the most used shoes in the whole world. But because of wearing them, you will not be able to have them for a long life because they will get rusty by the day. This is why many people ask the question that how to soften Leather walking boots to wear them for long life.

How to Soften Leather Walking Boots?

Let me tell you some of the most important things which you can use to make your leather walking boots soften for a relaxing walking experience.

Apply Conditioner

There are several types of commercially made Conditioners that will allow you to soften your leather boots. You need to make sure that you are buying a good quality conditioner which has been made by the proficient company.

Because of the Natural oils coming out of your food. The leather becomes hard, and this is why commercially made conditioner will be able to bring the soft leather out of your hard leather shoes.

If you have a good budget in your hand, then this is the best procedure you will need to do. These are specially made conditioners for softening the leather, and it is based on animal oil so it will work rightly.

But it doesn’t guarantee that your shoe will appear like a new one. This is why you need to try to apply natural remedies to soften your leather walking boots.

Use Coconut Oil

One of the most popular remedies for making your leather walking boots soft is that you should apply coconut oil on your boots. Along with that, you need to put the booth in the sunlight for at least 10 minutes and then apply the coconut oil which will allow you to make the leather boots very soft. This is an applied tip, so you need to follow it till the end.

Use Coconut Oil for Soften Leather Walking Boots

But for those people who are not satisfied with this guidance then they should go for the commercially made leather conditioner as I have told you about above.

Put Them In Freezer

This trick might be sounding to you astounding, but it has been proved to be effective. If your question is how to soften Leather walking boots, then this is the answer for you.

You need to have ziplock bags filled with water. Now you need to put those bags in your shoes and put the shoe in the freezer. You need to have the show in the freezer for at least tonight and then bring it out in the morning. Not only it will soften the shoes, but it will also stretch the shoe out.


If the other tracks are not helping you out, then you need to heat the shoe up. You need to use your blow dryer and Use to apply some heat to your shoe.

You need to use the blow dryer for at least 30 to 60 seconds continuously and then let the shoe stay there for some hours.

This will stretch your shoes and also make them soft. The reason is that maybe the natural oil from your foot in the shoe can be blown away by this heating procedure.


Make the spray that has some alcohol and an equal measure of water. Now you need to use that on the inside of the shoe and let the shoes spray. Let the shoe for overnight.

Wear Them For A Day

Go outside and wear the leather walking boots for at least a day. If you will work on a good road and it doesn’t hurt your food, then you can wear the leather walking boots to soften them uniquely. Most people don’t know but due to continuous interaction with your food will allow the laser walking boots to be smooth. You need to make sure that the natural oil from your feet is not soaked into the shoe. You need to wear socks to prevent that.

Put Towels Inside The Shoe

This trick doesn’t seem to amaze many people because the output of this trick has been one of the best for making the leather walking boots soft. You need to put the towel and a similar type of cloth inside the shoe and let the shoes stay like this for a whole night. It will allow making the leather walking boots soft without much effort. It will also prevent harmful Chemicals from ruining your leather walking boots.

Use Newspaper

As I have said before that because of the natural oil coming out of your feet while you are wearing leather walking boots. The Shoe becomes damp and bad. This is why you need to soak all the oil in the shoe.

Use Newspaper

You can try to put the newspaper inside the shoe and let it be there until the whole oil gets soaked up in the newspaper. Don’t take out the newspaper and tell it is dry.

These were some of the tips which will allow you to make your leather walking boots soft. But before applying all of these things you need to remember. That you should take care of your leather walking boots as much as possible.

You can wear them every day but try to use them in moderation. These are very expensive and perfect looking for shoes so you need to take care of them as much you can.


I hope I have given all of you the answer to your question about how to soften leather walking boots. You can apply all the tricks I have told you about, or you can apply single tips for checking the output.? One Way or The Other it is certain did you will be able to make your leather shoe soft.

Don’t go to extremes and also don’t worry too much about it. This thing is not happening only to use to you have multiple people who will be having the same problem. And they must have applied similar procedures to make their leather walking boots soft.

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Good Luck?

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