How to Stop Shoes Rubbing my Little Toe

Are your shoes rubbing your toes? Is it impossible to walk without hurting the feet? If this is the case, then you have come to the right place. Because today we are talking about how to stop shoes rubbing my little toe?

When we wear tight shoes, our feet hurt. Toes get blistered, and it becomes impossible to walk without pain. This happens to almost everyone. The reason behinds are the shoes which rub and hurt the toes. That is why; today, we are guiding you about shoe rubbing and how to prevent them.

This is a normal thing to happen if you are not cautious about the shoes which you are buying. To avoid hurting the shoes, one needs to be extra conscious about fitting, comfort, and wear. If any of these three elements is up to mark, then shoes will hurt the toes and blisters will form.

How to Stop Shoes Rubbing my Little Toe?

When we talk about the rubbing of the little toe, it means that the shoe’s fitting is not right. The size is tight, and it is pressing the toes against the rough surface on the inner side of the shoes. There are a few things which help you in avoiding such uncomfortable situations.

Wearing a Perfect Fit:

Always wear the right fitted shoes. Such shoes will never hurt your feet. They wrap your feet in such an easy and comfortable way that you won’t even feel like wearing shoes. Just remember the following tip while buying the best-fitted shoes possible.

Wearing a Perfect Fit Shoes

  • Choose buying time in the evening. It is considered as best time because when you walk, your feet expand. During the daytime, you have walked, and when you are buying the evening, the size which will fit your expanded feet will be the right size.
  • Always buy according to the width and size of your feet.
  • If you fear the rubbing too much, try for the roomy toe box.
  • Too tight lace will cause a tight grip, but tightness will travel to the toe box too. So too much tightness is never good.

If you keep in mind these little tips, you will get excellent fitted shoes that will not cause any rubbing to the little toe.

Use of Powder, Anti-Friction Stick, Inserts, and Insoles:

Before wearing shoes, you can apply various things to your feet. Like;

  • Powder to prevent sweating. Sweat causes friction, which in return, rubs the inner surface on the little toe. It causes blister.
  • You can also apply the anti-friction stick to fight the friction between the inner surface and toes. Just apply it to your toes and wear the tension of the shoe-free.

Anti-Friction Stick

  • If you still feel the fear of blisters and rubbing of little toe, use anti-blister cushions. They are to be worn on the little toe, and they protect that region.

All such things prevent the rubbing of the little toe against the shoe, and no hurting happens.

Stretching to Avoid the Rubbing of Shoes:

Stretching helps a lot if you want to avoid the rubbing of shoes on the little toe. As we have already gone through this, small size causes rubbing and blisters. Wearing the right size is the perfect solution. But in case you bought the right size, and it is still hurting you, then you can apply the following methods.

  • Break the shoes by wearing them for a small period at home.
  • Use ice and place them in a bag and put that bag in the shoes. This will help in stretching the shoes.
  • Wear thick socks and then wear shoes. This will help in stretching the shoes.
  • Directing steam into the inner of the shoes also helps in stretching. The steam works like magic and the shoe break into a stretch much quicker. This method need guidance as steam can destroy the outer look of the shoes easily.

Stretching to Avoid the Rubbing of Shoes

  • Water therapy where you place the shoes in the water. So many shoes that water does not get inside the shoes is enough. Water softens the shoes, and you must wear them when they are wet. This will enable shoes to fit your feet accurately.

All type of stretching leads to the only result, better-fitted shoes. I must say that one must take precautions when stretching at home as you don’t want to ruin your shoes.

Flexible Upper of the Shoes Prevents the Rubbing of Little Toe:

Those shoes which have flexible uppers are also very helpful in preventing rubbing on toes. Since the little toe always gets the most attraction from the shoes, flexibility avoids the stiffness in the upper region, and return, toes remain safe.

Stretching through Professional Help to Stop Shoes Rubbing my Little Toe:

You can always look for professional help for the stretching of your shoes. By professional, I mean the tools which are designed to help the stretching of shoes.

  • This tool usually comes in kits and they compose of a stretcher spray and stretcher wedge.
  • First apply the spray on the inside of the shoes, make sure every edge is covered by the spray.
  • Place the wedge inside and using the knob on the top, stretch the shoes.
  • When the size has reached your number, stop and place the shoes aside in this condition for a few hours (6 ? 8 hours).
  • After that, remove the wedge using the knob and wear a much comfortable shoe.

Final Thoughts:

It is wise to wear the best-fitted shoes. But such conditions happen when shoes start rubbing against the feet. Certain areas like the little toe are mostly hurt, blisters are formed. To avoid such painful things, you should try the tips mentioned above. I am sure now you have complete knowledge of how to stop shoe rubbing and the procedures will surely help you the most.?


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