How to Stretch Heels for Wide Feet

Sometimes it happens we order some shoes and find them a little bit tight now instead of replacing them and wait for another couple of days you can stretch them easily by using the different methods. Everybody loves their heels but if they are not fit enough to your feet then you must know how to stretch heels for wide feet. You can stretch your heels by heat, ice or stretcher if still unable then take them to the cobbler who will professionally set out them.

How to Stretch Heels for Wide Feet?

These are few inexpensive methods to stretch the heels for wide feet in no time.

Method: 1 Freezing the Heels

  1. First, you have to take two Ziploc plastic bags which is easy to seal then pour water in the bags, the amount of water must b 1/4th so that water may not escape.
  2. Now wedge both bags in the heels and arrange them fix this way so the water expands to the desired point. Do not forget this method works better on pure leather or fake leather shoes, however, the fake leather shoes will shrink back to their original shape soon so you would have to repeat the procedure several times to permanently widen your heels.Freezing the Heels
  3. Place your heels in the freezer to freeze water yeah this looks no good that you put your heels in the freezer but it is your need for the time. Leaving them overnight will stretch them more quickly or wait for at least until the water is frozen completely within the bags in heels.
  4. When water freezes into ice, it expands and takes place isn’t it amazing? Besides all fun, it will stretch your heels naturally. In the morning when the water is completely frozen remove the heels from the freezer and let it melt the ice which will take 20-25 minutes. Now remove the bags from heels.
  5. Dry your shoes now by wiping off any water traces or melting ice bags and try to put them on heels to check if they are stretched enough. If you think still need more space in heels then put them back in the freezer or try another method for stretching the heels.

This method is non-intrusive and less annoying for small stretches your harder heels.

Method: 2 Rubbing Alcohol

For this method you will need a small spray bottle and rubbing alcohol you can get from any store easily.

Take a spray bottle and fill half of the bottle with rubbing alcohol and now spray the inside of your heels where you want to be stretched or wide. Spray enough of the heels that damp the shoes now put on heals and walk around.

The heels of the shoes will expand according to your wide feet. If needed repeat the procedure again as the rubbing alcohol take time to dry up so it will make space in your heels with time.

Rubbing Alcohol for Heel

Moreover, you can soak your socks in the rubbing alcohol and squeeze out the excess liquid, and now wear them with your heels until the alcohol dries up. If needed repeat the method several times.

Method: 3 Stretching with Socks and Heat

Heating the heels method works better on leather heels which will expand the leather and make room for your wide feet by putting on socks and wear the heels until it cools down.

  1. First, you need to wear two pairs of thick socks if they are comfortable to wear you can put them more to stretch your heels even wider. The socks will make your feet thick and wide to stretch the shoes but not much that you couldn’t fit the heels in your feet.
  2. Now slip your feet into heels but do it carefully you may not hurt your toes otherwise remove one pair of socks then wear heels.
  3. Take a blow-dryer and heat the heels of your shoes while keeping them on your feet. Move your feet within and flex your arches while blow-drying them. Keep doing this for 2-3 minutes until the leather heels are hot but not very much hot of course.

Now walk around and let the heels cool down this will make your heels slightly larger than usual feet and it will be settled as stretched and take your feet shape.

Stretching with Socks and Heat

Beware of excess heat do not heat up the leather much that affects your skin if you feel so then remove the heels and try again later when they cool down.

  1. When you realize the heels are cooled now remove heels and socks and try wearing them without socks. It would be more comfortable for your wide feet with the stretched heels. You can repeat the procedure if needed more space in your heels.
  2. This method is easy and saves your time to stretch your shoes, try bending your heels back and forth to loosen the leather, and repeat the procedure for 2-3 minutes. This will permanently widen your heels and make your shoes comfortable to wear and move around.

Method: 4 Professional Stretching

  1. you can find out a professional cobbler near your area, as if you are living in a populated area you can find one easily a shoe repair shop, a cobbler, or a shoemaker. You can also find it out online in your city and ask him to visit you on pay.
    Heels Professional Stretching
  2. well, simple stretching will not cost you more than $15-$30 depends on the cobbler, the region he came from, or the type of stretching how much it takes time to stretch. Keep in mind this is a time-consuming method even expensive and you pay for the quality and convenience than to stretch your heels at home.


In this article? how to stretch heels for wide feet? I have explained every single method for stretching your heels if they do not fit you. We spend lots of money on buying expensive shoes so if you think you need little space in the shoes then try the above methods. You can even hire a cobbler for this work with a little investment in your heels.

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Good Luck?

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