How to Stretch Cowboy Boots At Home

Leather shoes have always been a symbol of fashion. No matter what style they are made into, they look classic. Cowboy boots are one of them. The old western styles shoes have class, and that tapping sound is outstanding. But sometimes, their fitting causes us extreme discomfort, and we tend to throw them into the closest. Therefore, today, we will take about a different method to learn how to stretch cowboy boots at home.

Due to wrong fitting or weather conditions, cowboy boots get shrink. This disturbs the fitting in the toe box region, and feet get under stress and pain. Today we will be looking at a different method that helps stretch the boots made out of any material.

Since boots are made out of all types of organic leather, they possess the tendency to expand when certain things are applied to them.

Let’s take a look at that method. These are 100% effectively working methods and have been providing fruitful results.?

How to Stretch Cowboy Boots At Home

There are multiple ways by which you can easily stretch your cowboy boots that have been bothering you and your toes. The ideal situation is the perfect fitting, but sometimes, that is quite a struggle. Therefore, many people opt for shoes that might be slightly tight.

But worry not, because below are those authentic methods that will help in stretching your favorite boots. Follow the instructions and get the result. These methods have no cost, which is one of many great things.???

Stretch Cowboy Boots At Home

Wearing Sock Inside the Boots

This method may be old, but it works effectively. It requires zero expense as we all have a lot of socks at home. But a word of precaution, this method is painful as you have to wear socks till you pressure the leather to stretch.

  • Usually, you have to wear 2 or 3 pairs of socks and slip the boots on.
  • Wear the boot for some time. This will force the leather to expand outward and create room for the feet.
  • Since wearing socks can cause your feet some trouble, the usual recommendation is that wear only two pairs of socks.
  • This method takes longer than other methods but has a lasting effect as well.

Inside of the Boots are Steamed

This method requires more patience and effort. It again requires minimum expense as all you need is a garment steamer or kettle.

  • Use the steam from the streamer or kettle of boiling water and direct it towards the inside of the boots.
  • Keep the steam coming for about 15 seconds, then remove it.
  • Feel the affected area, and it should feel soft. If the area is still tough, then apply more steam for the same time duration.
  • Then wear socks and wear boots and walk in them till they are dry.
  • A note is worthy of mention here that this method may affect the outer dye of the boots and the integrity of the condition of the leather since steam can affect them.

Submerging the Boot in Water Help them Stretch

It is a very common fact that water helps a lot with stretching. It works like magic for leather-made shoes.

  • Fill a bathtub or trough with lukewarm water.
  • Put the boots inside in such a way that water does not enter the insides of your boots.
  • Use your hands to press them down in the water.
  • When your hands feel the insole getting wet, take them out.
  • Put on some socks and wear the boots. Walk in them for some time or till they are dry.
  • This method will help in correctly stretching the boot. In the end, apply the conditioning spray to keep the original look of the shoes alive.

Stretch Cowboy Shoes by using Ice

This another old method that has provided relief to millions of people. The technique is simple, and it requires nothing except a zip-lock bag and water.

  • Take a zip-lock bag and place it inside the boot. It should be made certain that the bag has reached the far end of the toe box too.
  • Fill the bag with water and make sure that it reaches every corner of the bag.
  • When water is filled, close the bag and place the boots in the freezer.
  • Make 100% sure that the water bag is not leaked; otherwise water will flow out.
  • Water will freeze and turn into ice. This will cause the boot to stretch as when water turns into ice; they increase in size.
  • Leave it there for 8 hours, and the size will increase, creating a stretches
  • In this way, your cowboy boots will increase in size.

A Typical Boot Stretcher

When nothing works, a good old western-style boot stretcher is always there to you help you. This tool is designed specially to help boots stretch so they will not cause any uncomfortable to your feet. This tool comes with a kit that has a boot stretcher spray and stretching plugs.

A Typical Boot Stretcher

  • What you have to do is to apply the shoe stretcher spray to the inside of your boots. Or apply the spray on a clean cloth and wipe the inside with it.
  • Then insert the plugs and fit them properly till they touch the end of the toe box.
  • Now there is a handle on the top of the plug. Rotate it clockwise till your desired stretchiness is achieved. Stop there.
  • Now leave the boots in this condition for at least 6 – 8 hours.
  • Now turn the handle anti-clockwise and remove the plugs.
  • Your boots will be stretched as per your choice.

End Verdict

While all the methods mentioned above will help you to know how to stretch cowboy boots at home. They insist upon getting a well-fitted boot is never minimized. It saves you from all the above hassle and nuisance. But if your boots are nagging you, then these methods will provide you relief.

If you found this article helpful, give us your feedback below in the comment box.?

Good Luck?

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