How to Stretch Rubber Boots

New boots can sometimes be a little tight if they aren’t the right size. While most people prefer changing the boots to the right size almost immediately, what should you do if your size isn’t available?

There is nothing to worry about! Boot stretching is not impossible, so put your worries aside! Sometimes, boot stretching can be a difficult job, and one method may not be working, so there is a list of methods that you can choose from for the best results.

Let’s suppose you bought a pair of boots and desperately want them, but they aren’t available in your size; in fact, they are a number smaller. What do you do? Do you simply give them in? Let’s not do that! Here is how you can stretch your rubber boots to make them the perfect size.

How to Stretch Rubber Boots

Stretching rubber boots isn’t all that difficult, and there are several ways in which this can be done with ease. Let us discuss these methods below! These five methods are:

1) Boot Freezing Method
2) Heating with a Blow Dryer
3) Making use of a Boot Stretcher Device
4) Using a Stretching Liquid
5) Seeking the help of a Professional Boot Stretcher

These methods are explained below

1. Boot Freezing Method

Rubber Boots Freezing Method

This technique is all about freezing the rubber to contract the rubber to the right size. Nevertheless, the rubber may somewhat expand during the process. Water is poured in a Ziploc bag and put in the boots with care.

Once placed in the boots, the boots are stored in a deep freezer overnight. They are then taken out, and the bags are removed. The person uses the boots with thick socks, and the process is repeated until the desired results are achieved.

2. Boot Heating with a Blow Dryer

This is a super easy method for making the rubber of the boot expand to make it a little loose. This can help the rubber stretch to the right size.

The method is to wear a pair of thick socks and then wearing on them, the right pair of boots.?

Boot Heating with a Blow Dryer

Next, start the blow-dryer and run it over the boots focusing on the areas where the boots feel tight, e.g. the toe area. While using the blow-dryer you can also flex the boots to get it stretched properly. After heating it from all angles, make sure to walk in these boots for at least half an hour.

You may need to repeat the process because rubber may stretch back to its original size. Although the rubber may return to its size, it is a good option for short-term results.

3. Making use of Boot Stretching Device

If you have ever visited any shoe market, you must have seen a variety of boot stretchers in which devices are specially designed to help stretch boots to the right size.

The use of these stretching devices can help widen the calf area or the top area to a specific extent.

Making use of Boot Stretching Device

Normally the tight areas such as toe areas of the heel areas of shoes can be easily stretched to the right size with these stretching devices.

To make sure how well the stretching device has worked or how much more stretching is needed, walk in these boots as soon as you are done with stretching them. For most boots, stretching devices work just fine and help to bring the boot to the right size.

For further help and guidance, you can watch videos on YouTube that will provide you a visual representation of how to stretch rubber boots

4. Using a Stretching Liquid

There are special stretching liquids that are designed to help stretch shoes to the right size. You can either get a stretching liquid, or you can make a 50/50 mix of water and alcohol. First, lay down some newspaper to catch drips or spills of the liquid.

Using a Stretching Liquid

You can begin with a little patch to see that the mix doesn’t damage your boot. Once you see that it’s safe to use, apply the stretching liquid to the area that you want to stretch till the leather gets damp and visibly wet.

The mix can be applied either on the inside or on the outside; both of them can stretch the boot. To make the boot stretch properly, wear a single or more pair of thick socks, which may help the boot to stretch more!

For a better result, walk around in the boots while the shoes are still wet. Because they are flexible at this time, they can stretch better, which might not be possible otherwise. Yet, if this method does not work, you can always choose from the other ones which have been discussed here.

5. Taking your Boot to an Expert Cobbler

If none of the above methods work for stretching your boots to the right size, make sure to visit your expert cobbler as a last resort. These professionals are well-trained and well-equipped to deal with the issues of footwear, including stretching boots to the right size.

Taking your Boot to an Expert Cobbler

They are equipped with the right devices to harmlessly and safely deal with stretching your boots to ensure they come to the right size.?

On the other hand, if your cobbler tells you that stretching may damage your boots, the best option would be to get them exchanged as soon as possible.

Here are a Few Helpful Tips for Handling your Boots:

A few tips for boot handling while stretching can be helpful in this case.

  1. One thing to note is that you should be careful while handling boots to make sure that they don’t get wet in the whole process. There is a risk to boots of damage if they get wet.
  2. Also, prevent your shoes from being exposed to high temperatures as that can weaken the material of the boot.
  3. Try not to force your foot into a boot that doesn’t fit. If it doesn’t fit, don’t paint yourself or harm the boot, just use the above ways to stretch it to the right size for fit.

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