How to Stretch Shoes Longer

Did you also end up with your favorite pair of shoes after a tiring search of several shops only to find that the pair you bought was a little too tight on your feet? If yes, then you are in a dilemma faced by many teenagers and adults today. So now, should you go all the way back to the shop to get a larger size? No, that would not be necessary. Simply by trying a few hacks of How to stretch shoes longer, you can solve this problem.

If you have a hairdryer, a freezer, some potatoes, newspapers, or can get your hands on a shoe stretcher, you will be good to go.

How to Stretch your Shoe Longer

  • Use a Hairdryer

To loosen the leather of the shows and stretch them to fit your feet properly, you can use the thick socks and hair-dryer trick. This trick is ideal for suede or leather shoes. All you need to do wear socks; the thicker, the better.

Get on one pair of thick socks or more than one pair if necessary and wear the shoes that you want to stretch. Then, with a hairdryer on medium heat, blow on the shoes for 30 seconds at different places with the nozzle. Make sure to heat the area that is tight and disturbing, particularly.

 stretch your shoe longer use a Hairdryer

Also, try not to heat on one area for too long to prevent overheating and damaging the material. Another thing that might be needed to avoid drying up the leather is a leather or suede conditioner to pally on the shoe after heating it.

This hairdryer method is very effective and loosens up the material of the shoes to make them fit perfectly with the shape of the feet.

  • Use your Freezer

Just like heat expansion, freezing your shoes can also expand the fabric of your shoes. This is because water expands when frozen, and this will slightly stretch your shoes to make them looser.?

What you need to do, first of all, is to fill a zip-lock back three-fourths with water and zip it tightly.

After pressing is the light to check for any leakages, fit the bag into the shoe and make sure to make it reach the toe area, which is often particularly tight. Then, place your show in the freezer until the water turns to ice.

Stretch Your Shoe Longer Use Your Freezer

As the ice expands, it will stretch your shoe. Thaw the ice by keeping it out of the freezer for 20 minutes and freeze it again.

Repeat this until the shoes are loose enough to fit your feet. This method is best for non-leather shoes, pointed toe or peep-toe heels, and sneakers.?

  • Use the Peeled Potato Hack

If you have two potatoes, you can easily overcome your problem! You can get the ideal stretch to your shoes by molding a peeled potato into the shape of the shoe’s toe-box, drying it with a towel, and fitting it into your shoe. Keep the shoes in this position overnight and in the morning, you will have shoes that will fit perfectly.

  • Stuff in Newspapers

This method is easy, quick, and efficient! Weta few newspapers and crumple them into a wad. Make sure not to soak them completely because that could damage the insides of your shoes. Once you have the crumpled newspaper ready, stuff it inside the shoes and leave it to dry. When the newspaper is completely dry remove them and try on the shoes.

  • Buy Shoe Stretchers or Stretch Sprays

Shoe stretchers are the most reliable and least risky methods of stretching shoes that are a little too tight. Shoe stretchers are available for both men’s and women’s shoes and can give them the perfect stretch to make them fit your feet. Flats, leather shoes, and oxfords can easily be stretched using shoe stretchers.

Buy Shoe Stretchers or Stretch Sprays

Shoe stretching sprays are also easily available. These sprays need to be sprayed on particularly tight areas, after which you would be required to walk in the shoes. This can easily and quickly custom-fit your shoes for your feet.

  • Walk Around Wearing your New Shoes

If your shoes are only slightly tighter than you would like them to be, wearing them around the house might loosen them up enough to fit your feet perfectly. After just a few days of doing so, your shoes can be stretched enough to be perfect for your feet.

Just remember to do this on carpets so that you don’t get them dirty, and if need be, you can get them exchanged in a clean state. Also, if they are uncomfortably tight, it would be better to try this method when you are not already tired, and your feet don’t already hurt.

  • Turn to the Professionals for Help

If you are unable to get the right stretch for your shoes, you can always consult professionals. Go to a cobbler where they will use special machines and various methods to stretch your shoes.

How would you know that the shoe is too tight and needs to be Stretched?

The study has proven that approximately two-thirds of the population wears shoes that are too tight for them. There are several ways that you can tell that the shoes are too tight. Let’s have a look at them.

  1. If the shoe is overall shorter than your foot, it will hurt the front and back of your foot.
  2. The problem is in the toe box. If the toe box is too narrow or not of the right height, you need to get looser shoes or stretch the pair you have.
  3. The shoe might not fit the shape of your foot, as well as it should.
  4. The height of the heels can be problematic if it pushes your foot into the toe box too much and puts additional pressure on your toes.

So, if you have accidentally ended up with a pair of shoes that are too tight for your feet, you do not need to panic. Just try a few of the above-mentioned remedies, and you can get your shoes to fit your feet perfectly in no time.

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