How to Stretch Sneakers for Wide Feet

Years ago shoes were introduced as footwear to just protect our feet. But now the time has been changed. Now we wear shoes as part of fashion, personality, and outlook. In this era, we need stylish shoes for our desired style. When you visit the market, see sneakers, loves one of them, and buy them in no time. But when you reached home find them a little bit tight. Now here is the question in your mind that how to stretch sneakers for wide feet?

Normally, in the market, you get the shoes of your choice and size. But these days here is the trend of online shopping, right? There are some changes that you’ll not receive the exact size which you ordered. So again the issue is how to stretch out shoes?

How to Stretch Sneakers for Wide Feet

We are here to suggest a reliable solution to this common problem. There are countless methods for this but they may damage or misshape your footwear. It seems difficult that how we can stretch our shoes without damaging them. Here are some savings and a possible solution for you.

How to Stretch Out Shoes at Home?

Normally we wear shoes when we have to go anywhere or to special events. Tight shoes keep disturbing you and spoil your event. The easiest and the simplest way is to hear them at home and keep moving around.

When you keep wearing it and keep moving its tread and material stretch out. This solution is useful in the only condition that if your shoes are not too tight. In a couple of days, you will see its prominent result. Moreover, this solution is so natural.

Stretch Out Shoes at Home

Trick to Stretch Out Leather Shoes

This trick is only applicable to leather shoes. Simply wear the thickest socks you have and forcefully put your feet into the shoes. And keep moving your feet back and forth. Keep doing this process for the next minute. And keep repeating this process until you get the perfect size you want.

This trick useful for everyone but especially for those who have wide feet. I hope they got the answer of how to stretch sneakers for wide feet?

By Using the Hairdryer

As we are quite familiar that heat spreads objects and this heating trick is also applicable to shoes. You have to just heat the shoes with a dryer for the next one to two minutes. And before it cools down to wear it and move, it repeats this process two to three-time. You’ll see it results in no time.

Stretching Joggers

As we know jogger is used for running or in sports. And in such a condition, we need the fit and perfect size of the shoe. Wearing too tight joggers while rung or playing can damage your feet.

I know there is a question in your mind that how to stretch running shoes for wide feet?

Here is a simple solution especially for joggers that put small pieces of warm cloth or you may use thick socks. Just put them in the joggers overnight. But make sure that you have put those clothes or socks tight enough that they are stretching the shoe.

Stretching by Freezing

Yes, you heard right, we can stretch out shoes by freezing. I know it seems funny but actually, it works, let me tell you how? In this trick, you may use a thick balloon or plastic bag of good quality. Then just fill them with water not completely but half. Place those half-filled balloons or bags in the shoes and put those shoes in a freezer overnight.

As the water inside the balloon or bag will freeze it?ll expand and will stretch your shoe. Remove those bags from the shoe half an hour before wearing them. Repeat this process if needed.

Stretching by Freezing

Use Shoe Stretchers

As the Stretching of shoes became common, many suggestions were introduced in the market to deal with it. There are many stretches in the market, which are really reliable for this purpose. Basically, they are made up of wood and having rubbers on each side. We have to just place that into the shoe, this will make the shoe overextended. This trick is highly recommended even this is also used by shopkeepers and at the professional level too.

By Using Alcohol Spray

I guess you find it funny but actually it is not. For this trick, you mix 50% water and 50% Alcohol in spraying bottle. Now you just have to spray that mixture inside the shoe. And keep lightly stretching while spraying this action will help the mixture to completely settle down. After spraying wear shoes for the next half hour. This trick not only stretches the shoe but also makes the treads strong of jogger shoes.

By Filling Oats or Grain

Basically, this is an old cowboy trick, especially for leather shoes. In this trick, you can use oat or grain or any such material which swells after getting wet. Just put those oats or grain inside the shoe and pour some water and left this overnight. In the whole night, this material will swell and stretch your shoe. By the way, you can use those grains in the meal just kidding don’t take it seriously.

By Rubbing Alcohol

This trick is a little bit different from alcohol spray. In that case, you have a spray mixture of water and alcohol inside the shoe. But here you have to use alcohol like you are cleaning something. Here use that mixture of alcohol and water for just wetting the shoe by rubbing that upper side. Note, you can only use cotton or such material which does not leave a scratching mark over the shoe. And when that shoe is wet keep stretching that. There is an alternative solution instead of stretching manually. You can put clothes inside the shoe. Don’t wear that shoe until they dry completely. You may repeat this process if required.

How to Stretch Shoes by Using Potato?

Yeah! You heard right, you can stretch your shoe by using potatoes. It seems funny, but it actually works. For this trick, you just have to peel a potato. Make sure that, which potato you are using is large enough to fit in the shoe. And put that potato into the shoe and left that overnight. This trick not only helps to stretch shoes but also removes the smell from the shoe.

Stretch Shoes by Using Potato

How to Widen Shoes

I hope you got the answer related to the stretching of shoes. If you have such shoes which are non-stretchable. We’ll recommend you not to apply tricks on those types of shoes, because forcefully stretching may damage them. Anyhow, all those trick tricks which we suggest up there are quite safe. Because in all those cases we tried natural trick except stretching by wooden stretcher. So you may use all of the upper tricks as they are quite safe.

If you found this article helpful, give us your feedback below in the comment box.?

Good Luck?

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