Ways To Dry Your Shoes In No Time

Wet shoes can be the bane of anyone’s existence; everyone hates wet shoes – especially soaking wet ones. Every time you walk with them on, you feel uncomfortable and cringy.

Are you worried about ruining your shoes if you don’t get to dry them in time? Don’t be! There are some great fool-proof plans to ensure that you can take care of all your shoes. Find out here how to dry wet shoes fast.

Use Newspapers

Because newsprint is made from wood and plant fibers, which tend to soak up moisture, using newspapers, especially old ones, is an effective way for how to dry wet running shoes, tennis shoes, and the like.

Newspapers are also a great way to remove the stinking odor left by moisture.

You may follow these steps:

Take off the Insole on each Shoe

Since these are thin materials, they can dry on their own. Be careful in removing these. You don’t want to wreck your shoes.

Find Old Newspapers

A lot of people have a bunch of newspapers lying around the house, so it’s possible to find them there. Otherwise, you can find local newspapers for free or at a small cost in nearby stores. If you’re wondering how to dry wet leather shoes and others, adding extra newspaper is a great way.

Put the Paper Inside your Shoes

Ball up or crinkle the paper and place a bunch of them into your shoes. Make sure that all areas are covered to get the best results.

Find a Dry Spot

Look for a dry spot indoors and place the shoes there.

You may take off the crumpled paper in a couple of hours, and your shoes are as good as new!

Use the Dryer

Dry Your Shoes

Can you put shoes in the dryer? Yes, you can. This is probably the fastest way to dry shoes.

In this fast-paced world, wherein you are used to doing things quickly and having things at your fingertips, drying shoes in the dryer is the way to go.

Check out these very easy steps to dry shoes fast using a dryer:

Remove the Lint from the Shoes

These little, fine fibers from the cloth of shoes need to be removed first before you place the shoes in the dryer. This will result in better drying. Your dryer might also have an inbuilt lint filter.

Look for Clean Rags and Stuff them Inside your Shoes

These materials will help absorb moisture stuck inside, making the process quicker. Also, this will prevent your shoes from shrinking and ensure that the shape won’t be affected by the drying process. This is the proper way of how to dry wet shoes without shrinking them in the dryer.

Set the Dryer’s Temperature

Always use low heat to dry shoes in the dryer. You don’t want the dryer to overheat and your shoes to be damaged.

Untie the Shoelaces

To prevent the laces from getting stuck in the dryer, untie them. Don’t remove them entirely, though. What you need to do is loop them at the top of the dryer. When you close the door of the dryer, these laces should dangle. Make sure that you shut the dryer door firmly.

Place Rags, Cloths, or Towels on the Surface of the Dryer

You don’t want the dryer to be filled with water that may drip from the shoes. Placing large quantities should do the trick. This will speed up the drying process as well.

Some say that using rags and towels may lessen the noise during the process – not a bad thing if you think about it.

Set the Dryer

60 minutes should do it. Run it for that entire cycle. Remember not to over-dry. You want to keep your shoes the way they are.

Please note that a dryer is specifically made to dry clothes. So, only cloth-made shoes, such as running, tennis, and sports shoes, are applicable. This is a great technique for how to dry wet tennis shoes. Please note, though, to never dry leather shoes in the dryer.

You may wonder, if someone doesn’t have a dryer, can they dry shoes in the oven? This is not recommended, especially if you are trying to dry sneakers. The lacing system is typically made of nylon or polyester, which catch fire easily.

Use the dryer instead of the oven to dry your shoes fast and efficiently.

Use an Air Fan

Don’t underestimate the power of an air fan. This will not only cool down your body, but it’ll also help cool down your shoes enough for them to dry.

Check out these steps:

Find the Sturdiest Fan you have at Home

This would ensure that the fan can carry the weight of the shoes, making the process go quickly. Make sure that the grills of the fan, the ones housing the blades, are longer than the shoes you are going to dry.

Remove any Dirt you see on the Shoes

You don’t want any unwanted dirt flying around as the air blows into the shoes. You can use paper towels or rags to clean them up.

Place a Towel at the Foot of the Fan

The towel can absorb excess water that will eventually drip from the shoes. Place it directly under the area you will place the shoes.

Find and Use an Old Wire

With a wire cutter, cut two lengths of it, approximately six inches each. Bend them into an “S,” making sure that one end is larger than the other. Hook the small end onto the fan and hook the large one onto the shoes from the inside.

Latch the Shoes onto the Fan

Loosen up the shoelaces and hang the shoes onto the fan. Inspect it to make sure that the air is getting into the insides. Turn the fan on high for an hour or so.

This is an easy, breezy, and quick method for shoe drying.

Do you want fast and effective ways for how to dry wet shoes fast? Choose from the different strategies above and follow the steps exactly. You can be assured that your problem with wet shoes will be quickly solved!

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