What Does GS mean In Shoes?

Anyone who has been shoe shopping knows that the terminology used can be a little overwhelming, including the use of cryptic terms and acronyms.

If you and your family are in the market for a new pair of shoes, you might be curious to know: What does GS mean in shoes?

In this article, I will cover some key information about what GS means in shoes. So, next time you go shoe shopping, you know exactly where you stand.

Let’s get into it.

What Does GS Mean In Shoes?

When it comes to choosing a pair of shoes, you might come across “GS” and feel perplexed. You might initially think that GS stands for a number of things, such as grip sole, but the answer is actually much simpler. In short, GS simply stands for Grade School, and GS shoes are therefore primarily targeted at children.

GS is a measurement of the shoe size relative to the average child’s shoe size, or in other words, is another way of describing a small shoe size.

However, more specifically, GS is the largest size for children’s shoes, as opposed to TD (toddler) and PS (preschool).

As sneakers tend to offer more growing room when compared to more firm, restrictive shoes, this sizing chart should give you a better understanding of how the shoe should fit.

The Importance Of Getting The Right Size Shoes 

Your child’s foot development should be a priority and you cannot underestimate the importance of getting the right size shoes. Ill-fitting shoes can lead to a variety of problems for your child, so choosing the right GS shoes for them is absolutely crucial to their foot health.

From causing friction to blisters, and calluses to ingrown toenails, ill-fitting shoes are not worth the problems that they cause down the line.

To avoid a whole world of pain, you will need to make sure that you get your child’s feet professionally measured. 

When your child is having their foot measured, the length of their foot will be measured from heel to toe. However, there are a variety of other considerations to bear in mind to ensure that their shoes fit them properly. This includes their arch height, foot width, and instep size, as all of these factors can keep a pair of shoes from fitting their feet comfortably.

When choosing which shoes are appropriate for your child, you will also need to consider the circumstances that they intend to wear them. Although sneakers are a good choice for the majority of situations, some shoes are better suited for everyday school shoes than others.

GS Shoes For Petite Adults 

Despite the fact that GS shoes are targeted at children, if you have small feet or are simply a petite adult, then you might be able to fit into a pair of GS shoes! 

If your feet are comfortable and supported by a pair of GS shoes, there’s nothing to say that you can’t wear a pair of GS shoes as an adult. In fact, sometimes it’s a more economic alternative to adult sneakers.

This comes down to the fact that in general, GS sneakers are much more affordable than adult size sneakers, especially when it comes to choosing designer or high end brands of sneakers.

These sneakers cost a small fortune normally, so there are definitely perks to having smaller feet as an adult. If you could get your favorite pair of branded sneakers, for a fraction of the price, why wouldn’t you? As some GS sizes overlap with adult sizes, you’ll be able to wear designer sneakers at a price the majority of adults can only dream of, so make the most of the opportunity to do so!

That being said, you will still need to make sure that you are measuring every aspect of your feet correctly to ensure that the GS shoes are going to comfortably fit your feet.

To ensure that you know your exact foot size, make sure that you get professionally measured in store to avoid buying ill-fitting shoes. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Size Would I Be In GS?

This entirely depends on your adult shoe size. Some GS sizes overlap with adult sizes, however, this stops at a certain point.

If you’re a petite adult with smaller sized feet, then it is likely that your size overlaps with GS sizes and you could save some money.

If you suspect this is true, make sure that you check out the size guide and go into the store to be professionally measured.

Do GS Shoes Run Small?

Due to the fact that GS stands for Grade School, and that they are primarily targeted at kids, GS shoes are naturally smaller. They’re not designed for adults that have larger feet, so obviously won’t fit you if you don’t fit into this size bracket.

However, if you’re an adult with smaller sized feet, then you might find that a pair of GS shoes will fit you the same. That being said, how well a pair of shoes fit you entirely depends on the proportions of your feet.

To avoid disappointment and wasting money, make sure that you get your feet measured properly. You don’t want to be in a position where you order shoes online that turn out to be ill-fitting, as this can lead to a variety of problems and you likely won’t get the use out of the shoes to warrant buying them in the first place.

In Summary

So, there you have it! Hopefully after reading this article you have a better understanding of what GS in shoes means, and are set for your next shoe shopping experience.

The importance of well-fitting shoes should never be underestimated. Before committing to buying a pair of GS shoes for your children or yourself, make sure that you go in store to try on a few pairs of sneakers and that you are professionally measured to get the correct measurements.

Good luck finding a new pair of shoes!